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Nihon Falcom Unsure If Its Fanbase Would Play Its Games On Nintendo Switch

It would seem that Japanese game developer, Nihon Falcom, isn’t quite ready to commit to Nintendo Switch as it explained in a recent interview with MCV. Nihon Falcom is the developer behind JRPG cult titles such as The Legend of Heroes and Ys series. It has, in the past, stated that “the Nintendo Switch is completely a ‘Nintendo machine’, and that’s a really cool thing.” He previously went on to say – “Yea, if the opportunity presents itself, I would definitely like to get Falcom games on the Switch.”

However, in the recent interview with MCV, Kondo explained:

“Traditionally, Nihon Falcom’s always been a PC developer that doesn’t really create games for the casual market, but for the really hardcore gamers. Where is that market today? The answer to that is PS4.”

“The Switch is very successful right now, but there’s still no positive guarantee that the fan base that would play Falcom games are on the Switch yet. It’s always been very important to look and see where our users are, so while we thought it was more than likely that many of our fans actually owned a 3DS, one of the trends of PC users is that they prefer gadgets and machines with a higher spec, which is obviously something that Sony was offering. So after a really careful consideration of both sides, we decided it was more likely that the people who wanted to play the types of games we made would want to play them on a PlayStation platform.”



  1. From Nintendo themselves most people buying the Switch are older gamers so I guess it’s your call.

  2. His logic sounds like it makes sense and yet it really doesn’t. Shame because they could have some decent success on the switch, they don’t sell huge numbers of any of their games so you’d think they would want to maximise what they could do rather than limit themselves.

  3. Falcom: Our games will only sell on powerful machines.
    Logic: Okay, so we should expect your games on the Xbox One X? And didn’t you develop games for the PS Vita?
    Falcom: Well, uh, you see, the Xbox users don’t play JRPGs for the most part. And the Vita users do!
    Logic: Okay, so it has less to do with power, and more to do with target audience?
    Falcom: Well yeah I guess, and that’s why we won’t release games on the Switch.
    Logic: But doesn’t the Switch have JRPGs that are selling well? There was a recent report from NIS that Disgaea has been selling very well. And there are many JRPGs planned for the platform.

    Falcom: Uhh, err, well it’s not just that we develop JRPGs. We make a special type of JRPG.
    Logic: Okay, so what’s special about your games?
    Falcom: Look, people who play other JRPGs would have no interest in OUR JRPGs. Got it?
    Logic: Sounds to me like you are grasping at straws now.
    Falcom: *Storms out of the room*

  4. PS4 is for hardcore games?!? That’s a joke. It’s nothing more than an under powered gaming computer in a cheap plastic case. Go meet a real hardcore gamer and see what they have for gaming equipment. They might have a PS4 “also”, but that’s not their main machine.

  5. Didn’t their Vita outings of Ys and Trails sell really well in Japan? The portable market there is huge and since the Switch is dominating right now It would make sense to make games for thr thing, If there is something I know is that hardcore gamers at least in japan are always with the portable devices, not just PS4.

    1. Trail of cold steel 3 is the lowest selling game of the trilogy because it didn’t have the vita port and only 5 million Japaneses own a ps4. Jrpg is a niche market in the west and although the steam version of trail of cold steel have good reviews, the number of people buying the game is much lesser. When i was playing trail of cold steel which is a dialog heavy game, most of the time is just reading the text. I keep thinking it would be much better if i could play this game elsewhere rather than just sitting on my crappy chair. And who the hell plays a jrpg at high end specs??????

      1. Not me, I played ToCS 1 and 2 ln my vita and even though it looked blurry and had some pretty heavy slowdown in some scenarios I enjoyed it a lot and was dissapointed with them puttin the third one only on PS4, I felt the story wrapped up fine and just I’ll just pretend the third game doesn’t exist.

  6. “one of the trends of PC users is that they prefer gadgets and machines with a higher spec”

    100% false. PC gamers don’t dump $2-3k into our rig and then go out to buy a PS4, because PS4 isn’t a gadget with higher specs. It’s a low spec PC with some exclusives. The Switch is a high spec tablet with some neat bells and whistles and exclusives. I have always been a PC gamer that supplements it with Nintendo, especially their handhelds.

    Oh well, can’t fault a smaller niche developer for targeting a larger install base right now.

  7. Logic is pretty flawed but I still hope they can bring some.of their games over. I like ys and the legend of heroes series and would definitely purchase on switch rather than PS4

  8. Idk what PlayStation did to brainwash so many people into thinking only their system matters, but shouts out to them. That’s an amazing marketing feat.

  9. Not every publisher do understand market’s potential. They are going to miss big oppurtunities here since Nintendo is going to be the standard in the near future. Yes PS4 was standard in 2017, but we are facing 2018 and the Nintendo Switch is keeps selling like a *.

  10. Makes perfect sense to me. Unless a good majority of their fanbase is calling them up & telling them they will support them on the Switch because they have the system, why should they risk selling a few dozen physical copies when they shipped out around a few million copies? That’s a lot of money going to waste. They could lower the risk by just releasing their games digitally on the Switch, though. Nothing wrong with targeting only the systems you know your fanbase actually owns. All I can say is if the majority of their fanbase do have a Switch, they better start busying up Nihon Falcom’s phones with calls.

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