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Bethesda Is Offering Alternate Covers For The Switch Version Of Skyrim

It is not often that devs go all out for the box art of their games, but Bethesda is doing just that. Even though the game already has its own box art, you can head over to Bethesda’s official Skyrim website to get some alternate covers for the Switch version of the game, as well as the Playstation VR version. There are currently two for each version, and they are the same colors. One of the colors is red, and the other is blue. We’ve included a small gallery with the two Switch covers down below.


11 thoughts on “Bethesda Is Offering Alternate Covers For The Switch Version Of Skyrim”

  1. I’d prefer an option having live GIF animations like newspapers from Harry Potter.
    (Just whining, don’t mind me)

  2. I’d prefer an option were the case is a screen and it loops the trailer for Skyrim.

    It HAS to be an OLED screen as well, with a diamond case AND i dont want them to get too crazy with the prize.

  3. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    Now a true collector of video game cases would buy this game several times over for the different covers. lol

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