China: The Nintendo Games Coming To The Nvidia Shield Will Be Streamed

We have some new Nintendo Nvidia Shield information to share with you. You may recall yesterday that select Nintendo Wii and Gamecube games would be coming to the Nvidia Shield in China. Well, we now know that these games will be streamed, not ported. You will be able to access these games through the GeForce Now streaming service. Each game will cost 68 yuan, or $10.27.



  1. Wii games on Nvidia shield sounds like a nightmare, and that’s coming from someone who tried to play them with the Wii U gamepad when they made it compatible with an update.

    1. No, the U just couldn’t handle it because they were within a virtual console.

      Streaming has been feasible on mobile, as well as through Gamefly. This should be no different.

        1. It was some sort of virtual playthrough as it wasn’t through the native system. I can’t recall the exact term for it.

          Using the gamepad as a TV was like most other U games with off-TV mode.

  2. that sucks. when service goes, your games goes, even more so than if your game was digital download, those you could still backup.

    1. We simply try an experiment on the hardware of our allies. We test the streaming service on their device and also we don’t give only streaming content to who has purchase the Nintendo Switch, we might give you the full game instead of a streaming service

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