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Frozenbyte Calls Switch A “Powerhouse” Hinting Trine Games Could Be Ported In The Future

Trine series developer, Frozenbyte, have given some great praise for the Nintendo Switch, calling the console a “powerhouse”. They also went on to advise that they’re enjoying development on the console and that it accommodates the demanding visuals of their latest title Nine Parchments:

“We’ve been enjoying development on Switch a lot. The architecture, documentation and everything has been very well put together, Nintendo has done a great job. Nine Parchments is quite demanding visually, so we’re running at 30fps, 1080p in docked and 720p in portable mode. The Switch is definitely a powerhouse considering its size, and the portability really works well for many games. You can even play Nine Parchments in co-op on a single Switch system where each player only uses one Joy-Con!”

Further to this, Frozenbyte have suggested potentially porting their Trine games over to the Switch. “I’d say the odds are in favor of the Trine games over Shadwen definitely, but it remains to be seen. They could be a good fit so we’ll see what next year brings.”

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3 thoughts on “Frozenbyte Calls Switch A “Powerhouse” Hinting Trine Games Could Be Ported In The Future”

  1. Natalie… Ever since I had played Trine 2 on the Wii U, I was impressed at Frozenbyte’s visuals and game play control. And now that Nine Parchments is coming first to Nintendo Switch, it makes me feel great to see a development studio saying great things about this unique hybrid system. Thanks for sharing this great news.

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