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Sony’s Yoshida Congratulates Nintendo For Zelda Win At Game Awards 2017

The Game Awards 2017 had something special for everyone last night. Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, took time out on Twitter to congratulate Nintendo on their win for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which scooped Game of the Year 2017.

Thanks to N-Dub Nation for the tip!


      1. “Yeah..I know. *Looks at Federation Force fans*”

        I don’t believe you. There aren’t any Federation Force fans. They’re just pretending.

    1. Yeah, no. Everyone in the Nintendo fanbase are damn good people. Not a single fanatic in the fanbase unlike the very horrible & toxic Sony & Microsoft fanbases.

  1. Zelda, Splatoon, Mario, Xenoblade… I don’t know how 2018 can possibly even come close to 2017 but… (keeping fingers crossed) if both Metroid and Bayonetta 3 make their 2018 releases then it’s a good year all over again. I want to say Pokemon too but I can’t remember if they said 2018 lol.

    On subject though, Shu Yoshida is one of the Sonyans most likable minions. I quite admire the guy 😏

    1. Pokemon, 2D Mario, 2D Zelda, Metroid Prime, Fire Emblem, Smash Bros., Bayonetta, Project Octopath, Dragon Quest, F-Zero, Megaman, Wolfenstein, Yoshy and Kirby. No space for Wave Race in 2018 unfortunately, slated for 2019. Just dreaming, heh! :)

        1. Oh, I forgot about those Pikmin and Mother mentioned so many time, those are more easily coming than some in that list. I think 2018 will be great too, no doubt.

          1. Mother would be awesome! I forgot about Pikman as well. Nintendo has so many IP, I just hope they utilize them as they have so much potential just lying around.

            I also forgot No More Hero’s! 2018 looking like another strong year tbh. That’s before any imminent surprise.

            1. Eww. Not Zero. I rather get 64 3D. It has better graphics and multiplayer. That POS is as safe and lazy as every new EA sports game and forced that faulty failure Gamepad controls up your ass. I would love to see a remastered Star Fox Assault with revamped 3rd person, online multiplayer and GameCube controller support with the others. lol

    2. Pokemon is ” 2018 or later.” They want it for Christmas, but its too early in development to confirm. Metroid doesn’t have ANY mention of a date, so you’re not seeing it next year. E3 is a good crowd to show off Metroid for a 2019 release. If they don’t deliver Pokemon though, which is WAY more important than Metroid for Nintendo, I don’t see next year being nearly as successful. I figure 7ish major releases next year with ports in between if they can keep up their aggressive cadence of releases.

      My ideal, probably-asking-too much-but-not-too-unreasonable predictions for Switch Year 2? I say Nintendo Direct in January will have a “get the update right now” kind of thing for whatever their Virtual Console solution is, and Mother 3 gets a mention. Bayonetta ports we know in February, then Kirby, Mario Maker port, Yoshi, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Mario Party/Mario Sports title, Bayonetta 3, Pokemon. That’s ten good releases and they’ve been doing a pretty average one a month this year. If they keep that pace, that could leave room for a nice surprise or two. A new IP would be great, or some fan service like Luigi’s Mansion, F-Zero, or even a Captain Toad sequel (my wife would love that).

      Year 3 heavy hitters will probably be Metroid, Smash, and a 2d Mario. Switch’s swan song? Mario Space Odyssey!

      1. Shoot, if they can sneak in Animal Crossing and Pokemon in the same year, then for me at least, 2018 would be a great year. Animal Crossing would keep me busy for most of the year and beyond.

        Looking forward to that January direct to at least know what I should be getting excited about 😋. Mario Space Odyssey would really be something if it happend ! 😳

        1. Exactly who bash Nintendo? I always see congratulations in the words of Sony’s executive.
          It’s obvious that they will copy useful features, like any other company.

          1. IDK. Sony Ponies, Xbots, pretty much any and almost all graphic whoring morons on the wrong side of things; mainly calling their PC wannabe consoles “powerful” and yet nowhere near matches PCs that are years ahead of them and a 6.2″ tablet that can somehow do 1080p/60FPS while it took 2 updates in 3 years to get it right.

    1. I know I’m speaking to an obvious Nintendo fanatic but this needs to be said regardless: Give up!? Why would Sony give up against Nintendo when Sony has actually sold very well against Nintendo. Sony’s PS1 beat N64, PS2 beat GCN, & the PS4 has beaten the Wii U. Nintendo’s DS beat Sony’s PSP, Wii beat the PS3, & 3DS has beaten the 3DS. Sony & Nintendo are pretty even in number of wins over each other. So it’s quite the contrary actually as giving up would be the opposite of self-respect for themselves.

    1. I didn’t doubt it’d win. BUT it doesn’t deserve it in my opinion. I honestly feel NieR: Automata & Resident Evil 7 were better. I do feel BotW did deserve best game direction, though, in spite of the game lacking in some areas for me. But in any case, majority rules. (But it doesn’t mean I have to like it because sometimes the majority sucks. lol)

  2. Shame this is the Sony UK division’s guy. (Not that the one in charge of Sony US is bad. But I don’t think he’s as vocal as Shuhei tends to be.)

    1. *double checks the article, sees the guy is the President of Worldwide Studios, looks that up, & finds out he’s actually over the guys in charge of the US & UK’s Sony divisions of Sony Interactive Entertainment*

  3. One thing I’ve always liked about Sony higher ups is that they always show class when conducting themselves publicly. Respect.

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