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FIFA 18 Gets A Massive Update On Nintendo Switch

Those of you who own FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch will be pleased to hear that a massive update is now available for the popular football franchise. Here’s what’s included in the latest update and it should be available to download right now:

Addressed the following issues in Gameplay:


  • The FIFA Trainer Shot Elevation arrow was resetting its extension after shooting the ball.
  • The FIFA Trainer Pass Receiver indicator not correctly showing the player getting the ball on short passes.
  • Discrepancy between the two kicking power bars, the one above the goalkeeper and the one on the gameplay HUD, when taking a goal kick.
  • Smoothed out the movement of the Set Piece Target indicator.
  • Loss of controller functionality during the halftime flow if the Joy-Con controllers are changed from Handheld mode to Tabletop mode.
  • The kicking power bar did not reset if the player changed the Joy-Con controllers from Handheld mode to Tabletop mode.
  • The Approach Speed buttons were being displayed on the Penalty Kick Tutorial screen when using the Joy-Con controller in Solo mode.

Addressed the following issues in FIFA Ultimate team:


  • Squad Building Challenge Reward items being incorrectly tagged as Loan items in some situations.
  • Missing pack art on Premium Gold Packs in some situations.

Addressed the following issues in Online Modes:


  • A crash in Local Seasons if the player quickly re-enters the mode after quitting out of a Local Seasons match.
  • Players always having the same country flag as you when in the Compare Stats screen on the Online Leaderboards.
  • Debug text on a matchmaking error message.
  • Made the text on the Settings tile in Local Seasons easier to see.

Addressed the following issues in Career Mode:


  • A freeze when proceeding into the second Pre-Season Tournament match in certain situations.
  • Incorrectly loading a Player Career save file when selecting ‘Continue Manager Career” if the player skipped the initial save file creation flow.
  • Penalty shootout results were not showing on the Tournament Tree when playing the game in some languages.
  • Debug text on the My Career screen if you get fired from the MLS and take a job in a league that starts their season in July.
  • Banners missing from the North America All-Stars Pre-Season Tournament.

Made the following changes in Audio / Visual / Presentation:


  • Updates to a number of crests and kits.

Addressed the following issues Audio / Visual / Presentation:


  • The numbers and names on kits were not getting dirty after performing a slide tackle.
  • Corrections to some of the localized Trophy names.
  • The Live Form arrows were overlapping player stats on the Team Management screens in some languages.



  1. So the thing everyone wanted to be updated, being able to play friends online, has not been added. Not a massive update for me but at least they are actually showing some support to it.

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  2. The ESRB should start rating any games with loot crates as AO for Adults Only. That would include even games that would normally be rated E for Everyone or T for Teen.

  3. I haven’t touched a video game console in so long that I feel like it’s going to be what it’s actually like when you get back in a bike after a long while. I’ll stutter and fall but find my way in the end. #ps4 #whereyouat #getmyfifaon

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