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Discord Would Like To Work With Nintendo On Voice Chat

At the moment voice chat on the Nintendo Switch is pretty limited and you need to access the Nintendo Switch Online app on your mobile device. Many people these days use Discord to communicate with others online. Glixel caught up with Discord founder and CEO Jason Citron to talk about the popular service and whether he would like to bring it to the Nintendo Switch.

“I have thought about the Switch. I have spent many hundreds of hours of my life in that little screen. If Nintendo wants us to power their voice chat, we’d be happy to talk.”


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the tip!


    1. Yes, I love disord.
      But it has freedom, which Nintendo is hates. I was never sure why Nintendo just loves to stay in the past with features like this. :/

      1. A few others not working at Nintendo seem to hate freedom, too, as they supported all of the bullshit that Nintendo did to Miiverse.

    1. Nobody even uses it, that’s how bad it is… and I truly mean “nobody”.
      I have not heard once anyone actually utilizing this app or requesting friends to play in a lobby — which has it’s own lobby separate from normal friends lobby and all other lobbies…
      this thing it is just way too complicated. I truly hope Discord comes through, or at least for Nintendo to get with the times.

  1. Yes, what nintendo needs to fix their chat application is a low-effort chat application developer to work on it.

    smh they’ll just do the same thing they did on PC and run it on a full instance of chromium. It’s a glorified webapp

  2. If they just implemented Discord straight onto the system, Nintendo would go from having the worst voice chat system of current consoles, to having probably the best.

  3. well i have basicly been buying all of my switch games single player only so i dont have to deal with the stupid online, so i dont really care either way

  4. I’d love this because fuck smartphones. If not, I guess I’ll just have to have my laptop on with Discord up when playing games on Switch… if I even bother paying for their online at all. Sadly, Nintendo is pretty dumb in the online category most of the time so they probably think whatever they have planned right now is great. Basically, the answer to Discord will most likely be a big fat hell no from Nintendo’s inner Dumbass which I have dubbed Dumbtendo. :/

    1. Nope. I had enough of strict moderation because of Shitverse. (RIP, Miiverse. You had such great potential but Nintendo fucked it all up with being overly strict & limiting comments & posts to a measly and pathetic 30 posts AND comments…) Nintendo should stay far, FAR away from any type of social media & chat functions because they are shit at that. (Of course, Nintendo is pretty crappy with online stuff all around.)

      And what is this lying you speak of?

      1. Can’t settle on an excuse not to investigate ToS violations. I know 2 people who reported eachother and got completely different excuses. One was told discord only checks reports if the police are involved and the police told them they can’t police foreign companies. The other who is in the same country as Discord was simply told no violation took place.
        To further contradict themselves, I also know someone who gets warnings when his server gets false reported by trolls.

    2. Besides, moderation is left to the ones that create the groups. Best thing ever!

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