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Bayonetta 1 & 2 On Switch Reportedly Run At 720p And 60fps Docked And Undocked

News has emerged today stating that the upcoming Bayonetta 1 and Bayonetta 2 for the Nintendo Switch will be 720p and 60fps. This is regardless of whether you are playing docked, or in handheld mode. It’s not been confirmed yet by Platinum Games, but sounds like Switch owners should be in for a treat with both games performance-wise.

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  1. I’m pretty sure Bayonetta can run at 1080p on Switch given that it already runs smooth on Wii U in most parts, Bayonetta 2 since I get there’s more happening on-screen a lot of the time I’d say it could still do 900p or dynamic resolution at least.

    1. both “could” be running in 1080p I guess but as they’re ports from a powerPC console, it might just not be that easy to port.

      Then again, I can also just spread the news about Bayonetta 3 running in 4K and this site might publish it so maybe we should just wait a little while.

      1. Resolution should be unaffected by CPU, while frames per second is. So if it runs already at 60 fps the 720p are because of GPU or RAM bandwidth bottleneck.
        Still the original Bayonetta (1) was 60 fps, but dipped down to 38 fps (was worse than that on PS3). If this is 60 fps steady it’s a good achievement.

    2. I had no complaints with bayonetta 2 on the wii u. Yea there was the occasional dips, but that shouldn’t be a big issue with the switch’s performance boost

    3. Bayonetta was re-released this year for PC and that version was remastered with more detailed textures and a myriad other graphical improvements. If that is the version coming to the Switch, and if they do the same treatment to Bayonetta 2, then I don’t see them being able to sustain a steady 60 FPS at higher resolutions.

  2. 720p? srsly? i had a 42″ 900p old tv for 5 years and the resolution was already pretty damn bad….i am wondering how will look on my 49″ 4k. i bet it will look much better. i sold my wii u 1st march and i bougth tv and switch after 2 days so i never played wii u on a good tv. Xenoblade 2 is 720p for instance and i could believe it was 900p without fight. well some times dynamic resolution fuck the things up alot..

      1. In the night only. In the forest at the morning is a pixel nightmare with the low quality shadows or the missing AA or what EVER missing from there :p and im talking the Switch version. The Wii u version is ,,who cares for wii u lol not eve Nintendo

    1. I can, actually, to a degree. But yeah. The jump between 720p & 1080p isn’t that noticeable.

  3. Ah.
    I was hoping it would be bumped up to 900p or 1080p, since it was already 720p 60fps on Wii U.
    Kinda hoping this information isn’t accurate, but either way it’s not a huge deal.
    I have a hard time noticing the difference between 900 and 1080, but 720p is very noticeable to me.
    It’s not bad, just… noticeable.

  4. 60 fps its very tentative, I was thinking on skipping it since I bought them for the wii U but just thinking in playing it on handheld mode makes me chills 🙄

    1. You should look close to see the difference between 720-900-1080p immediately. But the difference between 30 and 60 FPS cannot be overseen. Not that I’m deciding what you should like or not :P But I can’t ever make me take comments like yours to seriously.

  5. No issue here. While I notice a slight difference between 720p & 1080p, it’s not such a huge jump that it’d irk me. Quite the opposite with the jump between 480p (SD) to 720p (HD,) though. Unless of course 720p by some chance looks like total shit on my 4K television set. (If that ends up being the case, that’s gonna suuuuck.) Of course, it’s not like 720p on a 4K TV is gonna look like 480p on an HD TV. Least I hope not… But anyway, I’d rather have a lock at 60fps, anyway.

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