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There’s A New Mode Coming To Splatoon 2 This Evening Called Clam Blitz

Nintendo has announced a new ranked mode for Splatoon 2 which is titled Clam Blitz. To show you what it’s all about they have produced a highlight video below. Here’s a few details from Reset Era member Nocturnal.

  • 5 Minute Match time
  • Collect Clams and throw them into enemy goal
  • 10 Clams make a Power Clam
  • Power Clam can break barrier or add 20pts to tally
  • Individual Clams are worth 3pts
  • Power Clams are visible to opponents while swimming
  • Players can throw their clam to a team mate in order to create Power Clam
  • Power Clam is given at goal to team which successfully defended for counter attacks
  • When you splat an opponent his clams disappear and cannot be picked up by teammates/opponents.
  • Clams randomly appear on the map
  • There is a counter to let you know how much clams you and your allies have collected

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    1. At this point, you might as well just accept the fact it’s not coming. After all, the first game was the same way where the stage you played was chosen by random from just 3 stages. If they didn’t change that for the sequel, why would they add it in later?


      1. The “sequel” is more or less the exact same game. Might as well be an updated Splatoon with extra mode and few more content like a DLC add on, similar to MK8 Deluxe.


      1. Not that it matters anyway because this game bore me. 3 minutes per match ends too quickly to be considered “fun and lenghtly”


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