Nintendo Plans To Boost Its Mobile Presence With New Developers

Nintendo’s mobile efforts have been a success so far with consumers and have also been very lucrative for the Kyoto-based company. Nintendo plans on capitalizing on this by boosting its mobile presence and also hiring new talent so help with their plans. Here’s what the company is looking to do:

  • Nintendo is looking to expand tie-ups with software developers to strengthen its smartphone game lineup
  • By collaborating with other software developers in addition to DeNA Co., Nintendo believes it can raise the pace of new titles
  • Nintendo isn’t planning to take ownership stakes in its new partners
  • Nintendo has apparently talked with GungHo Online Entertainment Inc., but a GungHo spokeswoman denied these talks
  • Sales of Animal Crossing titles for 3DS have risen in recent weeks after the introduction Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
  • Analysts believe Nintendo will team with Tencent Holdings Ltd. on mobile games in China

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  1. Our objective is always the same

    We will produce new games for new people who wants to know about the Nintendo characters

    With these moves, we can purify the people who are infected by the Xvirus. I hope this will happen soon.

  2. As long as these new developers are guys that make mobile games & not wasting developers that could make home console games instead, I’m okay with this.

    1. That appears to be the case. Use mobile as secondary revenue, but also as a marketing tool for the main console (Switch/3DS) line up, which continues to be strong. Good strategy, glad they see it this way and expanding the amount of developers will not only speed up production, but give us a more diverse line up.

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