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Hyperkin Has Revealed A “Pupper” Controller Attachment For Your Joy-Con

Back when the Nintendo Switch was properly unveiled and we could finally do away with calling Nintendo’s next project ‘NX’, the internet naturally reacted in some amazing ways. One reaction that went viral relatively quickly was the fact that the new Joy-Con/grip configuration could be seen as similar to that of a dog’s face. It would seem that Hyperkin has run with this idea and now you can buy a “Pupper” controller attachment. Yes, it’s real and you can register your interest on Amazon here. No word on a release date yet but be sure that we will let you know when one is announced.


Here’s the product description:

  • Rechargeable internal battery that charges Joy-Con controllers while you play
  • Curved grip for comfortable hold, secure and easy to slide in rails for Joy-Cons
  • Battery status and player number indicator light
  • 3 decorative puppy smile stickers included
  • USB Type-C compatible




  1. It should be called a Joy-Con Grip, not an attachment to the Joy-Con. I thought they were making some attachment that made the Joy-Con beefier so people like me can use them, one in each hand, without the grip. :/

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