Capcom Know Of Fan Demand For New Mega Man Legends And Battle Network

You probably saw in our article published earlier that Game Informer has published an extensive interview with Mega Man 11 producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya. There were a number of important questions raised by the publication and one of them is regarding fan demand for a new Mega Man Legends game and Battle Network.

What about The Mega Man X And Legends Series?
Obviously, Capcom isn’t ready to announce any new games outside of Mega Man 11, but if this game does well it could lead to a revival across the brand. In fact, we specifically asked members of the team if they were interested in also working on any of Mega Man’s other side franchises.

“I’m one of those people who thinks that actions speak louder than words,” says Oda. “I could say all kinds of things, but at the end of the day, I’d like fans to see that we’re taking it seriously by starting to resurrect the brand in the way that we are and to continue to prove ourselves moving forward. I love reading survey data. It’s a great pastime, and I’m well aware that there is a voice out there that wants something new for games like Mega Man Legends and Battle Network.”


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the new tip!


  1. The Campomnian forces finally knows what the fans wants. It took 7 years but at least they will get what they want

    PS: Capcom bring Megaman Legends games to the Switch


      1. Seriously? What do you call “selecting chips before attack/evade” then? Also, there’s only 9 axis to move around in.


    1. Megaman Battle Network is the reason I even love Megaman at all, and one of the games to thank for helping me get into gaming the way I did. It is truly a much better game than you think.

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    2. My first Mega Man game was MM3, but I’ve loved most of them since then. Battle Network had a battle system that seemed so unique to me, and in my opinion, it was exceedingly fun. Along with that, the overall mood of the games was very interesting and very cute. The games quickly endeared themselves to me, and I would be thrilled if Capcom would release another one.


  2. I still haven’t played any of the Battle Network games,so I don’t know if they’re good or not,but I definitly want a Mega Man Legends 3.Legends 1 and 2 or some of my favorite games ever,they’re amazing


  3. Just remember: Inafune isn’t a god & he can be equaled or surpassed, just like everyone else. Keep that in mind & you should do fine with Mega Man 11.

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    1. Idk, to me StarForce just felt like a failed attempt at a Battle Network successor. The way they implemented combat system just didn’t feel right. But I wouldn’t be opposed to a new franchise in the same vein.

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    2. Starforce officially concluded with the third game, but no, you’re not alone with regards to waiting for a new entry into the series (like how Starforce is the sequel to Battle Network).


  4. I love how I’m not the only one who wants another Battle network game. If making net nevi counterparts for every single robot master is asking for too much, at least make Crashman.exe and maybe Splashwoman.exe.

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  5. Finally, a ray of hope! We may finally get Mega Man Volnut off the moon! We may see the further adventures of X and his blond friend! We may have further adventures on the Net! We may get a sequel to Mega Man Soccer! Wait… Scratch that last one.


  6. MegaMan.exe from the Battle Network/Network Transmission series is my favorite incarnation of Mega Man. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    I’d love to have more of that world even if the gameplay was tweaked. Plus it’d be cool to see some of the newer robot masters as NetNavis.


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