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Fire Emblem Heroes – Special Heroes (Winter’s Envoy)

Nintendo Mobile have just released a brand-new trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes – Special Heroes (Winter’s Envoy) The upcoming content will include Tharja, Chrom, Lissa and Robin. You can check out what to expect in the video below.



  1. Lissa ok

    Chrom ok.

    Robin ok.

    Tharja… normal girl… 80% of his body is showed… The next event what we will see? Naked characters? No thanks


      1. Now, now. No need to bring religion into this. After all, even atheists can be prudes that think “Nudity. Bad. Me no likey! Being clothed. Good. Me likey!” lol Not to mention not all religious people are boring prudes that hate nudity.


    1. Have you seen Tharja’s original outfit? She’s wearing as much in that outfit as she is in that Christmas outfit. Most of the clothing on her in her original outfit is see through material, so you are seeing just as much skin.


      1. Yes but at least she wears something to cover, but I don’t want to spend so much time on the clothes she wears because I’m not a big fan of Tharja


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