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Liam Robertson Investigates Rumours About Bandai Namco Press Event

Investigative sleuth Liam Robertson has recently investigated the rumours surrounding the Bandai Namco press event that’s happening today. He’s done a bit of digging and can confirm via multiple sources that there will be a press event today. However he says that he can’t confirm whether five games will be showcased, or that Nintendo will play a big role in the announcements. I guess we shall just have to wait and see.


11 thoughts on “Liam Robertson Investigates Rumours About Bandai Namco Press Event”

  1. Me: As much as I would like Soul caliber VI on the Nintendo switch, I should just be grateful we’re getting Soul caliber VI at all.
    Also me: I want another Dragonball fusions!

  2. I’m literally hearing the chanting of We want Smash 5! We want Smash 5! We want Smash 5! for Nintendo Switch. This will probably be a huge system seller for next Christmas. I will be keeping my fingers crossed, even it takes a millennium for one to be announced.

    1. See, I love Smash but it wasn’t that long ago that I bought two versions of it and I’m not sure I’m ready for another. If it does get announced this year, I don’t want to see it until 2019.

  3. Smash bros is nailed on for 2018. My prediction is playable Ravali Daruk Mipha and Erbosa with the divine beasts as the stages. And how about the hell marine from Doom.

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