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Rumour: Burnout Paradise Has Been Rated In Brazil For Nintendo Switch

A recent listing in Brazil has revealed that Burnout Paradise could be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The listing itself has since been removed but it was picked up on by Brazilian site The Enemy. There’s also a listing for the game for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Let’s hope we hear something about this in the upcoming Nintendo Direct that’s rumoured for January.



  1. Never got into Paradise. Probably wouldn’t buy it this time around. I have 4 games on Switch right now that I would peioeirize over it, and I haven’t even started any of them yet.

    1. It’s not just EA, it’s also Criterion.I had that one on the PS3 and there wasn’t that much EA in that game. Not as much as in many other NFS-games.

  2. This is probably not true, nintendo is not officialy here in Brazil. They don’t even sell games here anymore. Which is shame, that a lot of nintendo fans here including me.

    1. As long as it’s completely unchanged but have a graphical/framerate update, then it’s cool but I’m also conflicted of this being an EA game. I hate EA but I love Burnout.

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