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Nintendo Teases New Characters For Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The Japanese Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Twitter account has teased some new characters for the popular mobile title. It’s not clear who we are going to get, so you’ll just have to place bets on who is going to be included.

10 thoughts on “Nintendo Teases New Characters For Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”

  1. MARSHAAAAAAAAAAAL, i love Vesta too bad my phone has so little battery all i can have is messenger lite and no photos, so ofcourse i cant play pocket camp TT__TT

    1. There are a lot of villagers you must be new to the series they were so many villagers at one time it was more than Pokémon, I don’t think it’s like that anymore but every time a new title comes out they add evpxtra villagers, tho these ones aren’t new

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