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Video: Freedom Planet 2 Preview – 2017 Update

Freedom Planet 2 may have been announced quite some time ago but the team have provided a preview of what to expect from the latest build of the game. Judging from the video provided by the team it looks as though it’s shaping up nicely. Platforms have yet to be announced but they did state a while ago that it was coming to a Nintendo platform which is presumably the Switch. Check out the video below.

9 thoughts on “Video: Freedom Planet 2 Preview – 2017 Update”

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||It seems we have a common slave trying to be heard but ultimately cries like a human…||

  1. I’m still hoping this and the first FP game comes to the Switch. I’m intrigued with the first game’s effort in story and voice acting which destroys any and all Sonic’s “effort”.

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