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Aonuma: Work On Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Finished And There Won’t Be Any More New Content

The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has confirmed to Famitsu that work on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is all wrapped up and there won’t be any additional content coming. The recently released Champions’ Ballad was the finishing touches to the game and now work has now progressed onto the next The Legend of Zelda game.


  1. That’s kind of a letdown actually.

    I was hoping they would add Non-Horse stables or add an unlockable level or weapon to trade Hetsu’s “reward” with so it would be less useless.

    Come on, I can’t be the only one who thinks we could’ve gotten better than that for collecting 900 Korok seeds!

        1. You don’t need all 900. About 400 or so is enough for all the slot expansions and as long as you’re exploring most of the map you’ll very likely come across that many on your own.

              1. I don’t even know what went wrong, i like doing exploring but not in the way the game wants me to apparently. I looked up a guide on how to get them and you have to do random things like shoot acorns?

                1. Anything that looks suspicious really. I got a large number on my own before I finally used a guide for the rest.

                  1. I suppose what the problem is that the overworld is so large and you have to go to specific points to trigger it, but it’s still confusing that I missed so many. The ones I found was because I was climbing high places. I think the most fun one was at the top of Hyrule Castle, the view was just amazing.

                    1. It does get disappointing when you go to certain spots that look like they’d have been perfect for having something there only to find absolutely nothing. (The game needed more than just Korok Seeds & food to collect…)

                    2. It’s funny because I kept on finding those places more often than the hidden little trinkets. Then again this was the first game I played that I would truly consider open world.

                    3. With any luck, many of those places were left empty so Aonuma & the team can add stuff to them for a sequel that will use roughly the same Hyrule. (One can hope…)

                    4. It’d be awesome if the new shrines the Champion’s Ballad added to Hyrule are located in those empty spots. (Of course, I most likely won’t notice even if they are since it’s been awhile since I’ve played BotW.)

        1. Ok dude, it’s obviously a fucking joke that you don’t find funny. Sorry you don’t get some amazing thing out of it.

          1. I got the joke. “Oh you spent all this time collecting all 900 Korok Seeds? Well here’s a golden pile of poo… Because you’re an idiot.”

            1. If people want to 100% a game they’re not idiots. I knew what the reward was and still did it because I enjoyed finding them.

              Sometimes it’s the journey, not the destination.

              1. I get that. But some WILL find it insulting they got what looks an awful lot like a golden pile of shit for all of their hard work. If this is social commentary on the entire completionist thing about collecting digital things for some kind of digital award, it’s funny Nintendo of all people would make such a snide comment on the subject since a majority of their games are full of such things. Hell; they released Super Mario Odyssey several months later filled to the brim with collectibles! lol They are the last assholes that should be insulting video gamers that collect these things & video game developers that put collectibles or make trophies/achievements for their games. *shrug* But whatever. I stopped caring about collecting all the Korok Seeds once I maxed out my inventory, so it’s someone else’s problem.

            2. Oh, and the reward for completing the Hyrule compendium is a similar kind of joke. A “picture of a beautiful Sheikah woman” that you can’t actually view. Hmmmm, I wonder what that could be.

  2. Botw is good enough and big enough.
    Let’s hope they deliver an unforgettable MP4 and then another amazing Zelda.
    Maybe the next Zelda could be just like botw but incorporate some traditional Zelda dungeons ( which on an item side of things could be like realms where all is lost on return ).
    This way you’ve still got your standard link in the big open world. ( no worries about hook shots not feeling right etc as they discussed before).
    Bigger map, more shrines, more side quests etc, etc. BIGGER !!

  3. Shame. Still so much potential. Like a less underwhelming ending to the game & better rewards for completing & collecting everything. (A trophy system that adds points to My Nintendo would have been better than what looks like a golden pile of shit for collecting all 900 Korok Seeds. Not that it’d matter since Ninty is being cheap with the rewards for My Nintendo. So much for the hope that Nintendo will put more effort into My Nintendo when the Switch came out. I don’t expect it to improve even when they start charging you for online, either. Might as well have stuck with Club Nintendo.)

    1. The letdowns with BotW aside, bring on the next Zelda. (Please be a direct sequel because I want a trilogy!)

  4. The next Zelda being in development make feel hype for what would they do in this one 😁 I hope they add traditional dungeons and temples plus more items from past games.

  5. Nice of Aonuma to actually confirm this. It is apperciated if they can confirm such details with these games, last year they said nothing about only 3 Updates of Additional Content for SMM, throughout the rest of the year we waited and waited for more new content to arrive since they never stated the update in March would be the last one, but nothing came.

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