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FIFA 18 For Switch Has Been Discounted On The eShop

If you’re on the fence about buying FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch or the price of it turned you off completely then you may be pleased to know that the popular football title is currently 33% cheaper on the eShop. The digital version of FIFA 18 normally goes for $59.99 / £54.99 but, up until December 28th, you can get it for $39.99 / £36.84.



  1. I got very good value out of it at 60.For this price it is a no brainer for anyone interested in football/soccer.The reviews tell half the story,it is a bit lesser than PS4/XONE version,but a fantastic football game on its own.

  2. This could mean two things: EA has officially lost their motherfucking minds about their lies of supporting Nintendo and now has proven their dumbfounded hatred for them OR people have exposed that FIFA port being a port of another game from 2-4 years ago and they’re trying to hide evidence.

    1. You obviously do not own FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch. Well, that may come as a shock to you but FIFA on Switch plays fantastically and matches the other platform versions in many ways.

  3. As if I’d buy an EA game anyway kek
    Until Andrew Wilson resigns as CEO and they have a major restructuring of their priorities and practices, I won’t even consider dropping a cent for them.

    1. I am glad the average person who owns a Switch buys FIFA without knowing who Andrew Wilson is. Once you play FIFA on Switch you’ll be amazed too by how good it is.

    2. Agreed. EA is the biggest plague in the video game industry. They need to do some major restructuring & letting go all of the greedy corporate douchebags. Twice now I’m skipping Need for Speed because EA first fucked it up with always online bullshit & now this loot box trash.

  4. Blind hatred is no better than blind greed.If I want to make an impact as to what I approve and what I disapprove,I have to support those games that deserve my money and stay clear to those that don’t.Some people need to get their heads out of their asses.

    1. I sincerely hope you aren’t implying that hatred of EA is “blind”, friend.
      That would lead one to believe that EA is simply a maligned company guilty of no wrongdoing, when in reality they’ve been sucking the life out of AAA games and the people who play them like corporate vampires, shoveling shit down peoples’ throats in the forms of micro-transactions, loot boxes and what is essentially digital gambling. Not to mention the graveyard of game studios and beloved IPs they leave in their wake. We’re never going to see another Ultima, Command & Conquer or Dead Space because they aren’t profitable enough for EA to bother.
      If choosing not to give my money to this blight on the games industry means my head is up my ass, then I sure can get used to the view up there.

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