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Nintendo Has Removed The Hidden NES Golf Game From The Switch’s Firmware

You may remember that a few months back modders discovered the Switch’s emulator where a file called ‘Flog’ was stumbled upon. Flog turned out to be NES Golf and was actually playable with even support for two Joy-Con’s. Now, for reasons unknown, by updating the Nintendo Switch to version 4.0.0, NES Golf is nowhere to be seen.

Coming from, here’s an explanation of what can be found in its place after the console is updated to version 4.0.0.

* [[Flog]] was stubbed: official code for launching it was removed from [[qlaunch|the home menu]], and *all* code was overwritten with garbage. Thus, even attempts to launch it manually will result in [[Loader services|loader]] returning error 0xA09

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  1. Aw. So if you missed it the first time you’re just out of luck huh? I guess they only wanted that for themselves and didn’t particularly appreciate it getting out into the open…

    1. It’s only gone once you update to system version 4.0.0 so if you haven’t updated your Switch or buy one in the future with a system version lower than that you can still try and launch it. Personally I could never get it to work.

    1. Maybe, but this is not what happened. Version 4.0.0 updated the code to FLOG be removed on December 6, Iwata’s birthday. It was “burned” as a form to thank him. Also, this was an omamori, and when they are opened, like how this one was, they may spread bad luck.

  2. Wow. You’ve ruined Iwata’s legacy Nintendo. I’m deeply appalled by the move you just made! But, Iwata’s legacy still lives on in our minds.

    1. Not really. It was removed on Iwatas birthday as a sort “burn” like in nordic (the dead person put on ship out to sea then set on fire) in memory of him.

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