Nintendo Switch

There Is NES Golf Hidden Inside The Switch’s Firmware

You may recall a couple of months ago that a built-in Nintendo Switch emulator had been discovered by modders. The emulator only came with the word “flog”, and modders have managed to figure out what that word means. “flog” is “golf” backwards, and it turns out that an old game, NES Golf, has been hidden inside the Nintendo Switch’s firmware. Not only is the game playable, but the “flog” NES Golf supports two player via Joy-Cons. Some are speculating that there’s some kind of hidden method that allows players to launch the game from the Switch menu, but nobody knows for sure.

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      1. Actually, that’s not likely at this point. So far, every Arcade Archives title is an emulation of an actual arcade cabinet. At this point it seems focused squarely on bringing arcade titles and versions of games that were never Virtual Console titles. There is not currently much reason to assume this Arcade Archives series will involve console emulation.

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