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Nintendo’s Kimishima Is Wanting To Sell Over 20,000,000 Switch Units In The Next Fiscal Year

The Nintendo Switch has had a year that no one ever anticipated it would have. Understandably, the console’s massive success has resulted in everyone’s forecasts for Switch sales to undergo massive changes, including Nintendo’s. Not only has Nintendo increased their sales forecast for the Switch, but the company is hoping to keep the momentum going in 2018 with more Switch sales. Nintendo President Kimishima recently took part in an interview with The Kyoto Shimbun, where he revealed that he wants to sell more than 20,000,000 Switch units in the 2018 fiscal year. The 2018 fiscal year begins in April of 2018 and concludes in March of 2019.


33 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Kimishima Is Wanting To Sell Over 20,000,000 Switch Units In The Next Fiscal Year”

    1. Doomed? If the PS5 launches that soon it would be laughably, hoplessly ruined. It couldn’t possibly support a new platform in that timeframe. If you’re rooting for Nintendo, PS5 in 2018 would be dreaming the impossible dream.

  1. If he’s confident in saying he wants to sell the ridiculous amount of 20 million units then Nintendo must have something crazy up their sleeves which is insane just by seeing their first year lineup.

      1. I also want a better 2D New Super Mario Bros but Retro is still working on its secret game (I had to reply here because the reply button did not appear in your reply)

    1. You’re right. I has been so long since the last Metroid Prime game. I really want to see a trailer in a direct or in E3.

  2. With such high expectations I’m wondering if he has a huge lineup planned for 2018… or he just expects the momentum to keep going. If the former I’m expecting an important direct in a few weeks.

  3. This could mean that there’s more high selling games than just pokemon for Switch. We may see a Smash Bros 5 or a 3D Donkey Kong (perhaps from Retro Studio. Please give us 3D DK) It could also be a 2D Zelda for Switch or Pikmin 4 which has been ages since they say it was nearly complete.

  4. Hell they could sell way more if they put out those bloody 64gb cartridges!, Pokémon, Metroid, Bayo 3… News on sma5h, MK9, F-Zero and loads more… Get way more indie titles aswell and has big sales like ps4/one have like a full game for £9 not £50 lol

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  6. The only reason for a platform holder to launch new (and costly) new hardware, is if sales of current hardware start declining. No such thing is happening with PS4. By the time this would happen, a new Switch with a faster SoC would be possible to stay relevant.

  7. They must g.have something huge planned. For me it’s all about metroid and bayo3. If they could finally get their back catalogue up and running that alone is worth the price of the system

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  10. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    Nintendo Switch hit 10 million before it’s first fiscal year ended. If it keeps at this momentum, I don’t doubt it’ll hit 20m before the end of the fiscal year of 2019.

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