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Brawlout Passed 50K Players On Nintendo Switch In Its First Two Weeks

Another indie title is doing particularly well on the Nintendo Switch and that game is Brawlout. The team behind the game has announced on Twitter that Brawlout has now passed 50,000 players on Nintendo’s latest platform in the first two weeks. Quite an achievement. The team thanks players for their support.


      1. Lol yea i knew they were working on a patch, one more week to wait looks like. It’s fun but its got a long way to go to compete against smash Bros

    1. Why would people support the next game if they can’t even get the first one right? Better they improve the first before making the next one. Otherwise, most will not trust the next game to be any better & it won’t buy it.

      1. They are new developers, need to do some experience before doing something (really) good.
        I don’t say to people to support them blindly, I say to the developers to invest the money already earned in their job.

    2. That would have been like Nintendo releasing Splatoon & not improving it by adding new content over the next few months. Because let’s face it, without those updates, Splatoon was pretty bare bone for 60 bucks on it’s release day on the Wii U.

      1. Very different situations, Splatoon sold more than 50k copies, and there is Nintendo behind it. This is a game with low price and low sales. Maybe they will add something to it.

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