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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds CEO Wants Game On Every Platform

PUBG Corp CEO Chang Han Kim has revealed that he would like the hugely successful PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds available on every current platform, including the Nintendo Switch. However, this would undoubtedly take some time as the game is currently exclusive to the Xbox One and the PC.

“The final goal would be to launch the title on every platform.”

“We need to think about other platforms after evaluating and completing the Xbox One version first.”



  1. Unfortunately, IMO the game is trash. However, since it’s widely popular, it’ll be great to have on the Switch.

  2. ||Why have we not received confirmation that the Xbox is destroyed? What is the DELAY?||

      1. ||The smallest of influence, the smallest of particle and the smallest of any whisper regarding Xbox and Microsoft must be erased from existence, even its irrelevancy must be destroyed, that’s how much I want them dead…||

  3. This game is NOT coming to switch. I can assure you. This game is simply too graphically intensive. It runs pretty badly on PC and spends a lot of time in the low 20s fps on Xbox one

    1. Graphically, the game is average. The real problem is that it has not been optimized at all, which is on the developer.

  4. I’m sick and tired of hearing the western developers and publishers saying “they want to put their games on a system” but never act on it or wait too long until no one cares about said game. Either put your game on said platform or don’t, just shut the hell up about what you want because people only care about actions, not pipe dreams!

    1. i meant try to run it at that, they’d have to make the map smaller and matches smaller… can we just get fortnite for switch XD wayyy better than pubg

      1. which is 20(?) x stronger, means I just guess its around 20 x stronger. Thats why I put “?” there.
        But heres X’s specs:
        CPU: Eight core CPU at 2.3GHz
        Storage: 1TB
        Memory: 12GB of GDDR5 RAM at 6.8GHz
        GPU: 6teraflop GPU at 1,172 MHz

        Compare it to Switch specs:
        CPU: ? core CPU at 1020 MHz
        Storage: 32GB
        Memory: 4GB of slower RAM
        GPU: around 1teraflop docked, 300GF undocked.

        Much worse CPU, uncomparably worse storage, Much worse memory, Much worse GPU
        Switch being 20 x weaker is pretty generous I think, it has great games already, but power wise, its just a weak ass tablet

    1. Are you fucking serious? lol I knew that console was a fucking waste of time. All that power and can’t even run a goddamn sandbox shooter. At least Ubisoft got their shit done right with Wildlands. In fact, I rather play that instead.

    2. …do you know how much 20x is? Even 10x? At best, an Xbox One X is, from a glance, 3x more capable than the Switch.

      1. Switch has:
        2 x weaker CPU at least, probably much weaker than that
        no storage
        3 x less and slower RAM
        7 x to ~15 x weaker GPU (docked/undocked)
        +worse energy supply
        +worse cooling
        And that sumes up to 3 x weaker than Xbox one X.
        Xbox one X is newer, its intended as dedicated 4K home console, and is almost 2 x more expensive than Switch.
        I much prefer Switch over X, I have no intention to buy Xbox one in general, but X is so much more powerful than Switch, its not even comparable

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