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VGChartz: Sonic Forces Apparently Sold Best On Nintendo Switch

VGChartz aren’t an official chart source but they do provide estimates. It seems like the Sonic Team’s most recent project, Sonic Forces, sold the most amount of units on the Nintendo Switch, compared to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The site’s estimates suggest it sold 234,032 units first week at retail. Here’s the sales breakdown:

  • Nintendo Switch with 117,083 units sold (50%)
  • 87,659 units sold on the PlayStation 4 (37%)
  • 29,290 units sold on the Xbox One (13%)


Thanks to gamer2006 for the news tip!

47 thoughts on “VGChartz: Sonic Forces Apparently Sold Best On Nintendo Switch”

    1. Yup… it should be optimized for Nintendo consoles and then ported to other systems, not the other way around. Spend more time developing and marketing for Nintendo and they would also get more sales.

      1. That’s the way was born probably, still the Switch can’t compare to other platforms computationally, it was obvious that was gonna be the worst version…

        1. Please. We all know 3rd parties in gerenal are purely lazy unlike the very few like Panic Button who busted their asses making the so called “impossible” ports possible like Doom which looks damn near close to the other versions.

          1. You can’t know how complex is the game graphically. You can have the perception of it to be ‘simple’, then the developer use techniques that you don’t actually see in what you perceive as complex games (like complex shadows or whatever).
            It’s not that simple. Even Yooka got lower detail in Switch, and the Doom port is far from excellent.

            1. Never said it’s easy but I know laziness when I see them. 3rd party is full of it. 2017 examples are Sonic Forces and Assassin’s Creed Origins.

            2. Yooka is generally lazy in some places and as for Doom port on Switch, I know damn well it’s far from perfect (random sound glitches) but having to work with such heavy game in a different console hardware with some limitations, it’s an insane accomplishment that many would think it’s impossible but there’s your evidence that the Switch, in the right hands, can handle those games. Also, I saw a gameplay video on YouTube, compared it to my Switch Doom running on the dock on my 1080p TV, I literally see very little difference in graphics besides slightly lower details and halve framerate. I get people has a gripe over 30FPS nowadays but they still play plenty of games yesterday and today at 30FPS so it makes little to no sense bashing a port over halved framerate.

              1. Cartoony don’t mean ‘easy’, even Dragon Quest Heroes got some part of the graphics removed and the frame rate halved. I don’t think it’s a bad version. Still the game itself is pretty mediocre.

  1. I would like to see the average age of console owners. I’ve got a hunch that the Switch will have the highest average age of primary user and the highest disposable income this generation, which will translate into big software attach rates. So even if the Switch never surpasses Sony’s install base, making games for the Switch will still be worthwhile.

    That said, this is retail sales. This is the first time in a long time that I’m buying physical games due to the cost of storage space, Nintendo games holding their resale value well, eShop sales being pretty meh, and Best Buy/Amazon’s 20% off new games. I’ve said it before, this info doesn’t do us much good without digital sale figures too.

      1. Yep, we’ve got two. Before we got the second Switch we purchased most of our games digitally. Splatoon 2, ARMS and Mario Kart were digital for us. Then we got the second Switch, and we’ve been pretty much buying physical. Well, except for Rocket League and Gear.Club. But Zelda, Sonic Forces, DOOM, Batman, Pokken and a second copy of Splatoon 2 for online multiplayer have been all physical. That way they’re not locked to just one Switch.

    1. Goes to show that they should’ve made AM2R the real deal and put it on two systems to make sure the sales are solid and faith was completely restored. SR is basically a last minute project made out of panic because they were still in their super ignorant stage and made 3 huge mistakes with Metroid: Other M, revealing FF as a dumbass chibi mobile phone game with no Metroid soul and finally C&D a TRUE Metroid marvel made by a single fan with 10 years of progress just so they can release that chibi turd FF as an anniversary game. YKW, make it 4 huge mistakes: Releasing SR at the time of 3DS’s near end and AM2R boycotters. They better not dare fuck up Prime 4 or that’s it.

  2. That the Switch keeps performing like this in software sales is really mindblowing when you consider the install base. Sonic on PS4 has seven times the number of potential customers. Really, no Switch games should be able to beat PS4 games on the sales charts. How many of these PS4’s out there are just sitting on a sellf unused?

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||60% of the infidels buy any Playstation machine because of its multimedia nonsense, not its weapons…||

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||I do not count the Cloud System nonsense though, it should be optional if anything…||

            1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

              ||There should be added “as” before the word nonsense, changes to sentence to what I actually meant…||

    2. A game selling better on one system doesn’t automatically mean other systems are sitting unused. You’ve got to take into account the demographics of its user base.

      1. “A game selling better on one system doesn’t automatically mean other systems are sitting unused.”

        Good thing that’s not what I was saying. It wasn’t “Sonic sell better on Switch, therefore PS4’s are going unused”, it was “The Switch is competing in software sales in a grander overall scale, therefore PS4’s are going unused”. If even 2 out of 7 PS4 owners buy a game, it is literally impossible for the Switch to match it. So how are Switch games on the charts at all, if all Sony needs is for 10 games a year to sell to 28% of their customers? Mathematically, the only answer is that very few games get even a quarter of PS4 owners to pick up their machines.

      2. Shoot, getting specific, only 15% of a PS4 owners need to buy something for it to surpass all possible switch customers. So with the exception of the call of duty of the year and the like, something like 90-95% of PS4 owners aren’t buying or playing many other games.

  3. the game itself isnt as terrible and glitchy as people make it out to be, its like the time people think Other M was the most terrible game when in fact isnt, sure it had flaws but the game itself was good, story was all over the place and Samus having PTSD is not a terrible idea since people want realism in games and that is what happened, also you think a 3yo would be fine after seeing something terrible once they become an adult? hell no. anyways Forces was pretty good, too short and i never encountered any glitches because i am not ProtonJon, all in all the game deserves a solid C, Other M deserves a solid B-

      1. They only “hyped” it for a year but we all knew it was gonna suck from the start and thank God for the leaks proving that. It’s a damn lazy game. Nothing more, everything else less.

    1. So is the game. The plot, Infinite’s “characterization”, the lies of Chaos/Shadow being villain boss battles, laughably short gameplay length for a 3D Sonic game, DeviantART Avatar mode being a cosmetic sales gimmick and Super Sonic as paid DLC…

        1. Poor Sonic is still in “dumbass” Sega’s shackles to please new children fans who gives half a crap about Sonic anyway due to Sega’s terrible reputation on Sonic since 2006. Now no one will trust them to work on another game after Forces plainly sucked and lied to many about what it was hyped to be.

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  5. Not a surprise. There’s a reason Sonic has mostly been on Nintendo systems since SEGA went third-party.

    There are more Sonic fans on Nintendo. That simple.

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