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Play Asia: You Can Now Pre-Order The Super Mario Odyssey Soundtrack

One of the highlights of Super Mario Odyssey is the game’s soundtrack. Well, the soundtrack is now available on pre-order. It will release on February 28th for $43.99. However, Play-Asia lists an expected ship date of March 7th. You can pre-order it on Play Asia right here. The soundtrack “contains all the BGM you’ve heard during the last Mario’s adventure lovely packed in an ultra-luxurious box”. The soundtrack comes with two original stickers and a luxury booklet. The luxury booklet contains the following:

  • [Jump Up, Super Star!] Japanese version commented by Aimi Mukohara
  • Comments from the developers
  • Pauline setting documents [Jump Up, Super Star!]
  • [Break Free (Lead The Way)] lyrics (both Japanese and English versions)

6 thoughts on “Play Asia: You Can Now Pre-Order The Super Mario Odyssey Soundtrack”

  1. I would just download/convert from YouTube. There’s only a few tracks I like and remember in this game sadly and I’m a mega Mario fan since the first Bros. game.

  2. I already downloaded the soundtrack on YouTube. But I’d love to have a physical soundtrack. Sadly, the physical soundtracks never seem to have ALL of the music from the games they’re based on. For example, I ordered the official Donkey Kong 64 CD soundtrack from Nintendo many years ago. But later on, I recorded my own soundtrack for DK64, and I came up with a 2nd full CD of music that wasn’t even featured on the official soundtrack. So most of the time, official soundtracks are usually just demos. Although that official Paper Mario soundtrack (2 discs) set from Nintendo back in the day might have actually featured every song from the game.

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