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Rumour: Nintendo PR Reps Apparently Contacting Sites About Zelda A Link Between Worlds Quotes

There’s a rumour floating around Twitter that Nintendo reps have been asking sites if they could re-use quotes from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds which launched back in 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS. It could be nothing other than newly advertising the Nintendo Selects line of software. There’s also a rumoured Nintendo Direct apparently taking place on the 11th so it could tie in with that. We shall see.



      1. Hmm honestly it has to be a Nintendo select as we don’t have a link between worlds a Nintendo select in the us or Japan it wouldn’t matter if you have it there I. Europe as there are certain games in each region that get Nintendo selects

  1. This was such a great game. I loved every minute. But it seems like it didn’t last very long before I completed it. I loved A Link to The Past so much that I wouldn’t mind a third game taking place in this same world again.

    1. Doesn’t have to be the same world, just throw us a classic zelda every once in awhile. Top down, no focus on unnecessary touchscreen controls, and lots of combat.

  2. This is one of my favourite games, but I think it would be too soon to revamp this on the switch.

    How about a DK compilation.
    I’m pretty sure that’ll go down very well

    1. I’d buy the DK games again for Switch. Returns and Tropical Freeze would be great as a bundle. Best 2D platformers from modern Nintendo :)

      1. While Mike is absolutely correct, and I’d go so far as to call them the best platformers from modern nintendo without qualifiers, I doubt they’ll announce a DK compilation unless there’s a significant delay on the next DK game, which would be surprising since they’ve had 5 years now.

    2. It has been a long time since tropical freeze and I agree the DK platformers are one of the best around.
      A compilation now would no doubt be snapped up by all DK fans and any newcomers to switch ( Nintendo) would be in for a serious treat and then a brand new entry would be very welcome at the end of the year.
      Wishful thinking!

    3. I agree, the DKC games are some of the best platformers since its arrival in the SNES. I hope they make a sixth game that pays homage to the Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest.

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