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In 340 Hours, Christopher Cayco Drew A Poster With All 800+ Pokemon

Christopher Cayco has recently completed a massive project called “Draw Em All!”, producing a poster that contains all 800+ Pokemon from the franchise’s history. And that’s not all. Some of the Pokemon, including Pikachu and Mewtwo, were drawn more than once. Because of this, you can technically find over 1,100 Pokemon on the poster. It took 340 hours and 42 consecutive work days to complete the poster.

It’s not the first time that Cayco did this. This is a complete redraw of the 2016 version, but there have been multiple changes. The resolution has been doubled, and many new Pokemon have been added, including Gen 7 Pokemon. However, the biggest difference of all is that, according to Cayco, “my skills, especially with my line work, has improved so much that redrawing this with the new Generation 7 Pokemon was something I HAD to do to test myself”. You can check out a time-lapse video of him making the poster down below. You can also buy a print of the poster here.



      1. Nintendo owns all the Pokemon name and image trademarks. Any policy for previous fan projects you liked from TPC, was also Nintendo’s policy. They’re also a 32% shareholder in TPC, and clearly have a major role in setting all of those policies so……not really sure what kind of comparison you’re trying to make.

        1. No they don’t. Not the majority stake. Pokemon still belongs to itself. The reason why it’s staying on Nintendo because it’s been highly successful since it’s introduction.

        1. Please. I understand Uranium got canned because they’re usually making new content. AM2R was basically a fan project for fun until Nintendo ruined Metroid in 2010 and again in 2016 which is when it became a serious message and savior for Metroid Fan’s drought. Other than one fan game, I don’t see Pokemon Co. being such major anti-consumer or IP Nazis that Nintendo was a while ago.

      2. Guys, Nintendo have never taken down stuff like this, it’s always fan-made games that they take down.
        The best I can think of that Nintendo has done with videos is remove someone’s Patreon like what they did with Alvin Earthworm with Super Mario Bros Z but as far as I am aware, Nintendo have never taken down videos, the best they do is Content ID Claim them.

        1. And what’s with Nintendo using AM2R’s artwork to promote their own subpar DS Samus Returns game before it was released soon after they took down the same fan game with said artwork? That’s exploitation 101 right there. I’m glad SR didn’t sell as well because it goes to show that you shouldn’t piss off the fanbase like that and explore other options to rekindle the franchise they almost killed..twice.

          Never take down videos? lol You obviously don’t know what they’re doing on YouTube.

      1. Okay I’m sorry but who would count missingno?
        MissingNo is just a glitch caused in the original set of games. It isn’t in the PokeDex nor does it have any official artwork. Not even fan sites like Serebii acknowledge it as an actual Pokemon so why would you could it?

        1. First off, grammar.

          Second, it’s in the collage, along with several prototype Pokemon.

          Third, Missingno. (not ‘M’) is unique. And unlike ‘M’, Missingno. is supposed to be the safer one.

          Fourth, as for not being officially recognized, it’s a corporate/Japanese pride thing. Nintendo thinks that Missingno (as a programming mistake) would shame them. It’s always something pretentious like that.

    1. ||Once I created Dark Lugia myself, I still have it somewhere…||

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