The NFL’s New Orleans Saints Have Removed The Nintendo 64 That Could Be Played In The Team’s Locker Room

The United States has its own version of football, and its national league, the NFL, is about to begin their post-season playoffs this weekend. One the teams that have made it to the playoffs are the New Orleans Saints. The team’s players had been able to unwind during their free time all season long by enjoying a ping-pong table, a miniature basketball hoop and even a Nintendo 64 that could be found in their team’s locker room. Super Smash Bros. was played very often on it, especially by Saints linebacker Adam Bighill. However, there are no more fun and games in the locker room. The coaching staff wanted to make sure that the players had a “different level of focus” because of the playoffs, so the ping-pong, basketball and Nintendo 64 are all gone.

Adam Bighill is not upset about the Nintendo 64’s departure, though. The playoffs are more important. He said that “it’s you win or you are done. We don’t want to have any garbage bags in this locker room. There’s no problem putting all the games aside and focusing up for this whole week and just being completely and utterly focused on winning. It’s a good thing. It’s a good feeling and a good vibe in the locker room”. The Saints are scheduled to take on the Carolina Panthers this Sunday.



  1. It’s charming to see American football described in this way.

    EA should have honestly ported Madden instead of FIFA. The European audience is currently smaller than the US, and certain parts of Europe (like the UK) seem to have little interest outside of family titles.

    Luckily for Nintendo, Germany and France are bostering the region sales-wise.

    1. I’m an American and live in the US, but we do have a lot of readers that live in other countries. And there’s a lot of countries out there where the NFL has very little presence, if they have any at all. So, just in case, I did describe it in a way that acknowledges readers that may not know about the NFL and what it is.

      1. ssf1991 Did the messages I sent to Sickr reach him? One was about a Diddy Kong racetrack in unreal engine and the was the latest Ocarina Zelda in an updated unreal engine.

        1. Only Sickr gets the tips directly, so only he would know. I’ll let him know about your comments.

    2. Football (Soccer for you Muricans) is the biggest sport in the world haha. Pretty much nobody outside the USA cares about NFL , normal Rugby is actually more popular and even that is for a niche market. I do watch NFL from time to time btw but only cause my nephew used to go to games in the 90’s when we had some European teams like the Amsterdam Admirals.

  2. I’m guessing it’s only until playoffs are done as the N64 likely belonged to someone rather than just a random buy for the team.

  3. I don’t pay much attention to the NFL, but I live in a state without a team in the NFL so if I was into it, the New Orleans Saints would be my name as I like the symbol & colors of the team. So with that in mind, good luck to them this season.

  4. ||They are no longer a part of Nintendo, now they are enemies of The First Order by default, good riddance traitors…||

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