Latest Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Update Adds New Animals And ‘Host The Most’ Initiative

The popular Nintendo mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been updated. Four new animals have been added to the title: Sprinkle, Static, Ava, and Boots. They bring some new unlockable items with them which include the snow machine, robot hero, large egg, and potbelly stove. In addition to new animals, the update also brings with it a ‘Host the Most’ initiative which, up until January 13th, makes it easier to befriend fellow animals as your friendships will grow more quickly when completing in-game quests.



  1. Every time I see a post about Animal Crossing, I start thinking “YES! A new game for the Switch!”. Then I see it’s about Pocket Camp. *sigh*
    But in all honesty, I didn’t think it was about a new Switch Animal Crossing. I was just wishing.

    1. Keep hoping, they promised us an Animal Crossing game with a Pocket Camp connection. Since New Leaf so far has no connection to this game, and since the Switch has the capability to connect to cellphones…
      I foresee Animal Crossing coming sooner rather then later.

    2. I’m hoping for an announcement around E3. It’s been far too long since New Leaf and they need to piggyback off the app’s popularity to boost interest. A Switch game is going to be perfection for the series!

    1. Same, I was really into ACPC for like a few weeks, but it made want to buy New Leaf again and ever since I bought it I pretty much abandoned Pocket Camp.

      I hope that Animal Crossing Switch comes out this year.

  2. Animal crossing pocket camp is a good time killer but I feel it is just a filler to fill in our time before they release one for the switch.

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