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Japan: Game Freak Is Looking To Hire New People To Join Their Team

The very talented folk behind the beloved Pokemon video game series, Game Freak, are looking to find new talent to join their team. Below is a snapshot of who they’re looking for and listed are just some of the benefits employees at Game freak get to enjoy whilst working there.

  • Looking for people who are graduating in 2019 or those who have graduated within 3 years (2016 – 2018)
  • interested in a programmer (coding games in C++), graphic designer (designing artwork for games and implementing them), and planner (project planning)
  • developers working at Game Freak can expect to take home 220,000 yen a month (USD1953)
  • “lowest guaranteed” annual salary is 3,459,905 yen (USD30,723)
  • lowest guaranteed annual salary is increased to 4,019,873 yen (USD35,696) next fiscal year
  • bonuses are distributed twice a year in July and December
  • exceptional employees can expect more monetary rewards
  • allowances for working at home, working on public holidays, fully paid travel expenses, and management compensation
  • paid vacation leave, summer vacation, and New Year vacation
  • work from Monday to Friday for 8 hours (flexible timing system included).
  • programmers will have to send samples of their work (source files and executable files) and a list of details (how long they have been coding, number of members they have worked with, etc)
  • those vying to become a graphic designer are required to send their portfolio
  • planners need to send two business proposals for a Nintendo Switch game that has nothing to do with the Pokemon franchise
  • applications close on February 2, 2018

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    1. “If this isn’t confirmation the new Pokemon title isn’t launching in 2018 I don’t know what is, ”

      Because it’s completely impossible that a company would do two things at once! Or be training replacements for people they expect to let go or retire after the project is over. Or for certain departments to already be done working on it and already starting preproduction on something else.

      I have no opinion on whether or not pokemon comes out 2018 but entry level job postings mean less than nothing.

    2. It’s confirmation of absolutely nothing. While Pokémon is the biggest franchise that Game Freak has, they do make other games from time to time. The job(s) may or not be Pokémon related (but realistically it probably is Pokémon related). Aside from that they’ve been working on Pokémon Switch since at least last year, and we’re not even halfway through the first month of 2018. It was reported that the older generation of the team more or less handed over the reigns to the younger staff members to make Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, so it may even be possible they’ve been developing a Switch game since the end of 2016 or start of 2017 while the younger staff members were working on US/UM. If they’re aiming for a 2018 release there’s still a full 11 months to make that a reality. Am I saying that it will be released in 2018? No. It is a possibility though, and 2019 is by no means “guaranteed.”

  1. I would assume if they REALLY like some of the pitched ideas for Switch games that they would actually make it as an actual game with the person who submitted the idea having a major role in the game’s development.

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