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Tiny Metal Has Disappeared From The EU eShop

While browsing the Switch eShop recently and trying to purchase Tiny Metal, Resetera member SuperPapernick noticed that the game is now nowhere to be seen. Tiny Metal was met with some controversy prior to its release on December 21st with the game suffering some delays due to the game needing polish. Now, if you’re in the EU, the game page on the eShop has gone. There’s been no official word on why this may be but fans are speculating that it could be to do with the rating. If and when we know me, we’ll be sure to provide an update.



    1. Ha ha. No. This game is actually getting hit with a lot of backlash simply because it exists. It was funded by stolen kickstarter money and as a result pretty much nobody wants to buy it. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a big reason for its removal on the eshop.

      1. I thought it was Tiny Metal that was a part of that Kickstarter controversy—when I saw the name it rang a bell. I was surprised to see it listed as being on Switch. If it is because of all that backlash I’m not at all surprised. People are (rightfully) still roaring mad about that.

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