Game Freak Is Interested In AR, AI And Other Advanced Tech

It looks like Game Freak is looking to broaden its horizons as Junichi Masuda, who is best known for his continued work for the Pokemon franchise, has stated that Game Freak is interested in combining the real world with the virtual world. He has pointed out that the Japanese video game developer is interested in advanced technology, most notably AR, AI and voice recognition. Time will tell until we see exactly what Game Freak is planning but it’s interesting to hear that they’re looking into different ways for fans to interact with future titles.



  1. I wouldn’t even bother with AR like VR. It’s such a battery vampire. AI, we all it’s gonna go full Skynet/Ultron on our ass any day.

  2. Those are all nice things, but they still are just nuances that will fade out sooner or later, same as motion controls. I don’t believe AR, VR, Voice Recognition, and similar stuff has any bright future in gaming, you just can’t beat sitting on a couch, staring at a TV, and playing with a comfortable controller in hands. And I think Nintendo sees it the same way, so there’s just no reason for them to participate in this field.

  3. Focus on HD first, then you can focus on advanced tech. Augmented Reality is not convenient for the battery life of the current Switch. When Nintendo release a Switch with more battery life, that’s when you should bring AR.

  4. All things I don’t want at all especially AI. I don’t want to chase Pokemon in the streets. I don’t want to talk to Pokemon and definitely don’t want Pokemon thinking for themselves.

  5. I know they’re probably thinking of a different kind of AI here, but they really should be interested in making better AI in general for their games. I don’t think they have updated the Pokémon AI for several generations, and I keep seeing it make incredibly weird decisions. Did you know that many of the harder trainers in the games these days have Pokémon with fewer than 4 moves, because it gives the AI fewer choices and makes it less likely to make the wrong choice, thus making the fight “harder”?

    1. Main thing that makes new pokemon games so easy is new exp share. And also battle setting shift should be removed. It’s unfair that player gets free change when they knock opponent off. Difficulty was fine in Diamond and Pearl especially in Pokemon league. Why in newer games elite four members only got like 4 pokemon?

      1. I’m fine with the EXP. Share because it can be turned off. I just wish the old held item version still existed, because there is no option for just training up your one new party member with it anymore.

        The switch setting is also something that you can choose, so I don’t have a problem with that either. It doesn’t do too much for the difficulty anyways, and the acually challenging parts of the game (the battle facilities) has it turned off anyways.

        I agree that boss trainers should use more Pokémon however. Gym battles should assume that your team is fully healed and prepeared for a long fight, Gym leaders having only three team members while you have six makes it feel like you’re not being taken seriously. But a Gym leader’s Pokémon not having four moves is even worse. That definitely does not make you feel like your’re fighting one of the strongest trainers in the region.

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