Rumour: Possible Short Nintendo Direct Coming January 18th?

A supposed industry insider on Reset Era has stated that we should expect a short Nintendo Direct on January 18th. The Direct is expected to be smaller in length to the Nintendo Direct Mini which took place on January 11th. The user doesn’t say what he expects to be announced, so that’s all up in the air. However he does say that a bigger Nintendo Direct is expected in February. This is just a rumour, so it could be nothing.

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Thanks to RidleySlayer for the tip.


    1. It has happened before. I believe we even had 3 in one month before. This most likely will focus on one specific game. Hopefully something good. Keep in mind EA mentioned they were planning on a direct, in fact i wouldn’t be surprised if this direct was just EA content.

      1. I see, I liked Lord of the Rings The Return of the King and LotR The Third Age from EA but aside from that nothing more has interested me of them. I hope its Retro Studios secret game which they haven’t mention a thing of what this game is or from what genre is.

    1. ResetEra is a discussion board aimed solely at the video game industry. Many fled neogaf (after drama that I dare not get into) to join ResetEra. The user in question (Chrom) from what I can tell has no moderators stating that he’s a valid source, however if his information had no basis and were entirely false, ResetEra staff are typically quick to give bans and warnings. So basically this is not credible, but neither is it incredible. I recommend checking out his original post in the source as this post makes him sound more certain than his post seems to illustrate.

    1. I was talking about the ones who make this rumor, not you as I know you’re not that kind person.

  1. Japanese Nintendo said that Arceus can’t be obtained for anyone except japanese versions of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The japanese code does not work with the USA and Europe versions of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

  2. So, the only way I could see this being true is if it’s a 3DS Direct, followed by a Switch Direct in February. Just like with the Mini Direct, it makes sense for them to want to get the 3DS lineup some media attention without getting drowned out by the big Switch announcements.

    1. You can’t be salty on this Nintendo is actually doing a good job on this approach not everyone own a Wii U and we all know switch surpass the Wii U life sales already let’s you know the switch is better not to mention the ports have outsold there original verison so why should they stop there are some amazing Wii u games that I would love to get on the switch since the Wii U was a horrible system

      1. Every port except Mario Kart has been one I skipped but ALMOST got on the Wii U. I just never played the system enough to buy games I only kind of wanted. But since I play the Switch all the time, these games are interesting to me.

        Now, I’ll be a bit sad if they port Mario Maker instead of giving it a full blown sequel, but if they add slopes and maybe Mario 2 or Yoshi’s Story… I’ll forgive them.

  3. This is getting a bit silly now, there are rumours of a direct every week at the moment. What’s the point of having so many in a short period of time rather than one big one.

    1. I think to highlight smaller titles rather than drowning them out with the big stuff. There’s a reason Dark Souls got the final slot on the Mini Direct. If you want to make friends with third parties, they want an install base and some promotion. You don’t woo a big name just to overshadow it by dropping a big Metroid trailer and Smash 5 or such right next to their reveal.

      Plus it keeps them in the media.

  4. A direct in February could be true but another mini direct a week after the last one is a huge stretch but I guess no one was suspecting that last direct to come out of nowhere

  5. I love myself Nintendo Directs, and I’m expecting one sometime in February (because they usually release one within a month of a mini.) But ANOTHER mini direct after one week? I’m doubtful.

  6. Only a week later? Doesn’t make sense. If there’s was more to say they could’ve(should’ve) just included it all in the 11th direct

  7. Could this be what Tatsumi Kimishiwa (sorry if I spelled it wrong) means by the way of surprising customers may change? Its too soon though.

    1. Not me though, as I have cero expectations of a Metroid Prime 4 trailer before E3. However there is a slight chance that Retro Studios reveal in a direct their secret game that is a sin if its leaked. Honestly, why they keep it so secretly?

  8. It’s pretty common for regular directs to follow not long after Direct Minis, but a short direct makes me think it would be game specific. It’s a little early for a Pokemon Direct though, so it’ll be interesting to see what’ll be the main focus if this ends up being true.

    1. Possibly Fire Emblem, given its mobile game has its one-year anniversary coming up and it’s upcoming Switch game is scheduled for this year.

  9. Honestly, if this is true, I can see it being Fire Emblem-themed. Between:

    1. Fire Emblem Warriors DLC
    2. 1-year anniversary of Fire Emblem Heroes at the start of February.
    3. Fire Emblem Switch being unveiled (still scheduled for this year as of right now)

    That’s easily enough for a small direct.

  10. Telling you right now this isn’t true. It COULD be a game specific one maybe detailing Bayonetta 1 and 2 with a short hint of Bayonetta 3. That’s the only thing I could see.

  11. Well remember a few months ago EA leaked a Nintendo direct in january in a mail ? Well in that mail that had a schedule with the direct in it and they would show Some games with gameplay. I have not seen anything from EA.

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