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Pokemon Switch Is In A Nintendo EU Survey Asking Fans What They’re Likely To Buy In The Next 12 Months

Nintendo Europe is conducting a survey that asks fans what they’re likely to buy in the next 12 months. Most of the titles listed are games that have already released. All 3 Bayonetta titles are also included, but the one that may stand out the most to you is Pokemon Switch. The game can be found at the very bottom of the list, but it’s there. Although we don’t know what the Pokemon RPG game on Switch will be like, it’s looking more likely that we will be able to play it sooner than we think.



    1. What does last year’s Direct have anything to do with a Nintendo Europe survey? I get that Pokemon Switch was discussed a lot in the article, but that doesn’t make this old news.

    2. Νο, this is NOT old news. We DIDN’T KNOW from last year’s Direct that a Pokemon Switch game was in development and would be released in 2018. Watch the Direct again and listen carefully to what exactly the president of the Pokemon company said.

    3. While they did say it was in development they did not say that it’d be released this year, just that they wouldn’t have anything to show us until this year. BIG DIFFERENCE. That said, I would not be surprised at all if they did released it late this year.

  1. Everyone, please vote no. Depending on this poll Nintendo might force Gamefreak to rush the game and I don’t want another incomplete game like Sun and Moon.

  2. “In the next 12 months”?

    Based on their reveal schedule, whatever we didn’t already get in 2017, or the revealed third-party titles at best (Mega Man 11, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, etc).

    But nothing on Pokemon (yet another Alola game or the rumored next-gen real-time strategy game), SSB (a +1 of SSB4), or the Metroid Prime 4 FPS (because that’s what it is) fanatics are clamoring for.

  3. I never saw the appeal of Pokemon in my opinion if felt like watered down Cock(rooster) fights without the issues that came with it.

    1. I think they’re the kind of games that are tough to get into unless you played them as a kid. Even then, it’s easy to fall away from the series as you get older. They’re not very deep or challenging. when compared to other jrpgs.

        1. Yeah the collecting aspect is a big part of the game, and pretty much the only part of the series I’m personally still interested in at this point.

          What do you mean when you say it targets the wrong demographic though?

          1. by which i mean the target audience it’s meant for, I just started working in a hobby store and i noticed there’s men and women close to their 40s that play it! Which leaves me thinking WTH? It’s a game for 7 year olds and people old enough for kids that age to have it are playing it instead? I left me scratching my head.

            1. Yeah it does have a huge adult audience. Not sure I could explain why though. Must be that Nintendo magic. Like I said before though. These people are the ones who played the series when they were young.

              Kids are still the main audience though. It’s a series that’s constantly popular among a certain age group (like 3rd – 4th grade), and that’s why it never fails to succeed. As each new generation of games comes out, a new generation of kids is ready to play it.

              1. i guess you’re right there it just looks a bit weird is all but then again I can talk i’m a roleplaying dungeon master for dungeons and dragons and have been for over a decade.

    1. A bit much? Yes. (You could have said dog fighting, too, as losers force those poor animals to fight for entertainment, too.) But it is true, though. Thankfully, it’s digital animals & they aren’t in any real danger during battle since they can’t die in the games.

      1. true still dig fighting is a sad sport as they are great companions, in fact any pet is if you give them the time.

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