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Rumor: A New 2D Metroid May Be In Development

Mocolostrocolos, a member of ResetEra and NeoGAF, is claiming that a brand new 2D Metroid game may be in the works. The platform was not mentioned, but Mocolostrocolos did say that the studio working on the game isn’t an internal team at Nintendo, and it isn’t Retro. Whatever the studio is, Mocolostrocolos says that they have been working on the game “for a long time”. Mocolostrocolos also says that the game had, at one point, “went into early development hell”. However, things have changed and now the game “seems to be fine”.

At first glance, all this information may seem like nothing more than lies from a random user on the internet. But as it turns out, this user has been right before. Mocolostrocolos revealed what would be Metroid: Samus Returns with 100% accuracy. Mocolostrocolos mentioned in multiple posts that it was a Metroid 2 remake coming to the 3DS. Mocolostrocolos even predicted Nintendo’s confirmation of the game just a few days before it happened. Because of this, the user has some credibility, and that makes this rumor all the more interesting. Nevertheless, Nintendo hasn’t said anything, so we will just have to wait and see.


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  1. “Whatever the studio is, Mocolostrocolos says that they have been working on the game “for a long time”. Mocolostrocolos also says that the game had, at one point, “went into early development hell”. ”

    …Metroid Dread?

  2. If this game has been in development for a long time then I am betting it’s going to be on the 3ds. The switch is too new for a game studio that isn’t internal to Nintendo to be in development for apparently such a long time. This is cool though

      1. Or maybe (and this is the most likely scenario) Nintendo wanted to see how Samus Returns did on the 3ds to greenlight this game. Samus returns performed great so they greenlit this project for the 3ds because 2d Metroid already proved great for the handheld and Its sales (also it’s cheaper to develop for the 3ds since it has lower graphics.)

      1. Well that game was originally planned for the Wii U back in 2014, so I guess this could have originally planned for the Wii U but It would make way more sense this was originally made on the 3DS since most 2D Metroid games are on the handhelds (not counting super Metroid and the original)

        1. I think what they said was that they originally thought they were making a Wii U game, not that it was actually for the Wii U. Either way if this 2D Metroid game exists and it’s a bit early in development like it says no way it’s for 3DS.

          1. well it never said it’s in early development, just that it was in development hell at an early stage and now it is fine. It could be almost finished as far as we know. That being said if it was in early development it could be on the 3ds since Nintendo hasn’t straight out said when they plan on discontinuing the 3ds (even I don’t think the 3ds will last forever) They could support it till 2020 for all we know (not saying they are but they could if they wanted to) or if you want to go deep into speculation, it could be for a 3ds successor (which isn’t off the cards according to the president of nintendo).

            Though what I think is the most likely situation is it comes out on the 3ds just because Samus Returns probably was successful (if this report is true) and they already know 2D Metroid will sell on the 3ds, and the fact is making games on the 3ds is also much cheaper so it doesn’t need as much attention.

            1. You really can’t let go of the 3DS can you. Just look at the release schedule. It’s getting to Wii U drip feed levels. It’s near the end.

            2. We’ve also known about the 3DS successor since E3 2017. Here’s a hint: it’s the system with a confirmed core Pokémon RPG from GameFreak.

              1. the 3ds? i mean that had ultra sun and ultra moon?

                Anyway this conversation isnt about a 3ds successor. The fact is if this report is true that means that Samus returns was successful because why else would they green light another 2D Metroid game so soon after the last one failed? Anyway assuming Samus returns was a success that means the 3ds can still produce successful games, meaning it’s a viable platform to release another 2D Metroid game on it.

                1. Let it gooooooooooo man. Jesus Christ. It came out in 2011 and it’s now 2018. Any game starting development right now is going to be a Switch game.

                  And the first part was about how Pokémon, a main game, has already been confirmed for Switch with GameFreak going so far as to say there wasn’t anymore they could do with the 3DS. If they feel that way how do you think other areas of Nintendo feel? And don’t bring up the two year old late for localization Detective Pikachu.

                  1. I honestly think you are wrong in this argument. I mean I’m not saying it’s impossible it comes to the switch but my gut feeling is that it comes for the 3ds. this isn’t me trolling you or anything i just see the facts are pointing to the 3ds especially since the 3ds just had it’s best month last December

                    1. And yet software sales for new games are way down for this year’s releases that consisted of low budget remakes and games that were outsourced to other developers. It’s clear as day that Nintendo has shifted focus to everyone but you. This could easily be the typical late adopters that buy systems when they’re way cheap which the 3DS is right now and yet the Switch still outsold it at $300.

                      The 3DS is fucking done. Deal with it.

                      1. Of course the switch is out selling the 3ds, it’s brand new and one of the hottest systems out there. I don’t want to keep repeating myself but assuming Samus returns sold well on the 3ds, the system is selling well, and the game has been in development in a long time, on top of all this Nintendo still says they are supporting the 3ds and they have been doing it up to this point, it all points that there is a strong possibility that this games comes to the 3ds.
                        I know that you think (or want it to be) the 3ds is dead but this game if it comes out I think it comes to the system. I really think we just need to agree to disagree.

                        1. Yeah, agree to disagree, because you clearly stick your fingers in your ears screaming “la la la” ignoring all the signs and history of Nintendo pledging “support” to past consoles like the GBA and even the Wii U when we first got news of “NX.” Remember that? When “NX” wasn’t going to replace the Wii U either until it did? Those were good times. All you’re doing is falling for the corporate speak designed to continue selling the 3DS for as long as they can even though internally they’ve moved on already.

                          1. yes they did say they were going to support the wii u and the nx at the same time but they basically dropped that promise after the Switch came out. but the differnce between that situation is that they still have games coming out for the 3ds and are still selling a crap ton of units. If a new 2d Samus comes out on the switch i will be surprised that is all. I just don’t think we will see eye and eye on this subject

                            1. The GBA has a successful Pokemon game on it too with Emerald. Did that stop Nintendo from putting the next games on the DS?

                              1. but the switch isn’t technically Nintendo’s next handheld, if it was then i would agree with you but Nintendo states this is a home console you can take on the go. If Nintendo starts to treat the switch as a handheld then i see you’re point (also before you say Pokemon, The Pokemon company and Nintendo are two different companies. The pokemon company is the reason pokemon is coming to the switch, Nintendo just let that happen,)

                                1. Then where’s the big games for the 3DS and/or the rumors that always come out close to a new hardware reveal if Nintendo was making a separate successor? The Pokémon Company May control certain things but Nintendo holds all the trademarks. Pokémon can’t be anywhere else but where Nintendo says it can. They do have a fair bit of control themselves.

                                  I bet you’ll cry into your 3DS sheets when the time comes. I’ll just laugh.

                                  1. Well the reason i think Nintendo will have a successor to the 3ds is because nintendo has always had 2 pillars on it handheld and home console. if the home console fails then the handhelds will pick up the slack. The wii u had the 3ds, the virtual boy had the n64. When switch sales start to slow (and they will eventually, just because Nintendo can’t sell 1 billion of them) Nintendo will be hurting as a company because their one system is not selling well but if they have 2 consoles then Nintendo has a back up plan. It just seems like good business scene to do one. (Also what you say about the Pokemon company is true but It was most likely the Pokemon company who had the the idea to make a game for it)

                                    1. And with all of their games are on one platform it won’t fail. Notice how all of Nintendo’s handhelds never truly failed in the market? The Switch is inheriting that success.

                                      1. That is true but all that is, is short term success, The thing is nintendo needs a back up plan. that is ultimately I believe a 3ds successor is on the way, maybe not this year, or next but around late 2020, i could see a 3ds successor.

                                        1. Yeah, sure, whatever. When the 3DS doesn’t have its own successor don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

                        1. Lol XD But on a serious note, I really want this to be true. I would love this game be Metroid Dread or the 3DS game that Super Ultimate Buu mentioned in comment below.

                      2. A 2D Metroid game that has been worked on for a long time and was in development hell? Could it be? There are only 2 possible games that come to mind. The first one is Metroid Dread that started development on the DS as a sequel to Fusion which would explain the Metroid Fusion reference in the ending of Samus Returns. The second possibility is a unnamed 3DS Metroid Game that was supposedly cancelled a few years back but I’m leaning more towards Dread simply because of the Fusion reference in Samus Returns.

                        1. The 3DS game that was cancelled was pitched by Next Level Games and there’s concept art of it readily available online. Nintendo instead made them do Federation Force.

                          Yeeeeeeeeah, not one of their best calls.

                          1. Can you give me the link of this concept art so I can watch it? (since I have low battery I would have to watch it after I charge my device).

                          2. Also I really hope both games get released too because it drives me crazy knowing that we could’ve had something if it had been finished.

                          3. I like the artwork of Boss Creature and the other Boss Creature. They look like they belong to the Metroid Universe.

                          4. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

                            You owe me 25 cents for using the term FedshitForce as I’ve used it the most on here! Now pay up or I’ll slam you with a C&D letter! D:< lol

                        2. You’re right, they shouldn’t cancel Metroid games in favor of other franchises, Luigi’s Mansion is part of the Mario franchise so they could have made Luigi’s Mansion 2 later.

                          I also think Metroid Dread deserve to be made because it is the game that will tell what will be the relation between Samus and the Federation. Perhaps there could be conflict in the Galactic Federation and half of them agree with Samus while the other half are corrupted and full of greed.

                          1. I hope Intelligent Systems is designing Dread like they always have with all 2D games. Mercury could go ahead and remake Fusion but they better not risk any ruin with Metroid’s Canon like SR but shoving Ridley in out of nowhere.

                        1. As for the Aeion abilities (I had to reply here because there’s no reply button in your reply from above) I think we will see something new. The abilities were ok for me, however the ability to reveal map areas was not necessary at as they could have added map rooms to obtain the map just like Super Metroid.

                          1. Exactly. The Scan Pulse is game breaking and ruins the challenging purpose for exploration which is Metroid’s strongest design points. That gimmick has to go and any fuckhead excusing/liking it are obviously newbies who can’t even bother to find their TV remotes under their couches.

                        2. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

                          I loved Ridley as the end boss for Samus Returns. It did a good job in explaining why he’s red in Super Metroid while he’s been purple everywhere else (when he’s not silver from metal prosthetics.) Plus it ties in with the Metroid Prime sub-series where Ridley had metal prosthetics to his body. So thanks to them throwing Ridley at us from out of nowhere, it connects the Prime series even more with the main games. Now no one can claim some bullshit theory that the Prime games aren’t canon to the rest of the franchise. More Ridley representation is never a bad thing from my point of view.

                          1. It still doesn’t explain how the hell he knows Samus was on SR388 and where to find her. If there was some Pirate spy probe that spotted her in the game and left, it would make sense of why he appeared in urgency. Also, what doesn’t make sense is, knowing full well how persistent Ridley’s ass is when it comes to staying dead and clearly didn’t blow up after his defeat while wearing tough armor, you think Samus would be wise to stay on Ceres Station to guard the last Metroid in existence that he was after just in case if he does come back but she didn’t and left Ceres canonically in Super Metroid. Sakamoto fucks the Metroid Canon once again like Sega fucks Sonic’s Canon.

                      3. This would be very,very welcome to tie us over until prime 4.
                        Please let it be true.
                        We haven’t had a brand new 2d Metroid for like an eternity
                        ( Samus Returns did feel pretty fresh though), but you know what I mean

                        1. It truly is an excellent game! There’s a good chance of a Fusion remake in the future because at the end of Samus Returns an X parasite appears and infect the green creature!

                        1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

                          I love it when something that looks cute & harmless turns out to be the most dangerous bastard you’ll ever have the honor of fighting. One of the my few highlights of Other M!

                          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                            ||Indeed, this is one of the few moments that makes Other M a Metroid weapon, even if it is the worst in the list…||

                      4. Metroid : Project Dread… And make it high end 2.5D … I want a super Metroid beater lol…and put it on Switch!!! Not crappy DS

                      5. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

                        Now what 2D Metroid game could have possibly gone into development hell a while ago? Metroid Dread comes to my mind, too. A remake/reimagining of Other M would be nice, too.

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