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Double Dragon Coming To Nintendo Switch eShop This Week

The classic retro beat-’em-up Arcade Achieves: Double Dragon is heading to the Nintendo Switch eShop this week for £6.29/$7.99. It includes two-player co-op and features split Joy-Con functionality. The news was confirmed by Hamster via Famitsu.

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  1. Hold on, if this is Arcade Archives could this mean this is the Neo Geo Double Dragon which is the one that was more of a rip off of Street Fighter rather than the classic beat ’em up? I hope so lol

    1. No. What HAMSTER Corporation is saying is that they’re bringing the ARCADE version of Double Dragon from Technos Japan at the eShop for Switch.

    2. I think it’s Double Dragon the original arcade game. That would be interesting if it was the Neo Geo fighting game though.

  2. This 8and 16 bit era needs to stop. Especially at the Nintendo prices. Get the n64 started and go from there. I played this shit on my nexus 7 years ago.

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