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Minecraft Has Now Sold 144 Million Copies

PopSugar recently had the chance to speak to Minecraft boss Helen Chiang about the creative title that has taken the gaming world by storm. Chiang revealed to the publication that Minecraft has now sold 144 million units across a dozen platforms and has 74 million players coming back to play the game each month.




  1. I don’t doubt it, my 10 and 7 yr olds are addicted to it and there on it all the time with their friends who live in the same estate and their school friends.
    We usually have to tell them to turn it off else they can be up all night.

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  2. And I avoided the fad!
    No, I like Minecraft. I played at a friend’s house and wanted to buy it, but then I realized that no one will ever see me again so I decided not to. Good game though.

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  3. This game has a unique exploration system that no other game to this date has replicated. Truly random worlds that you can dig through, fall into caves and find portals into other realms. It was really fun for a few months. I don’t get the long term appeal of the game though..

    If somebody replicated the exploration and random worlds with real life graphics it would probably be just as popular … surprised nobody has dont that yet..


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