Nintendo Has Applied For An Animal Crossing Trademark In Japan

Nintendo Co., Ltd. has applied for a further Animal Crossing (English name) trademark in Japan. The trademark has been applied to cater for a mixture of purposes which includes software for a home video game machine, portable electronic game machine, and smartphone devices, as well as stuffed animals, game machine controllers, board games, playing cards, protective carrying cases, trading card games, and a lot more.





  1. Home video game machine, portable electronic video game machine=Switch
    Smart Phone Devices=Connections with the switch title and pocket Camp maybe some, amiibo festival like mini games
    Stuff Animals=Mean New animal crossing plush show casing some switch exclusive villagers (Japan loves some animal crossing merchandise you can get a lot of board games ad key chains base on that game ther)
    Game machine Controller= New joyconns theme after animal crossing or Procontroller which ever way
    The rest on the list would just fall with stuff animals section since you can find plenty of animal crossing merchandise In japan and on eBay

    Nintendo seems to be going all out with the titles hopefully this means a reveal sometime his year that’s all I really want, I know it’s not going to be another amiibo festival seeing as that did horrible heck it didn’t even reach the millions and the game was only made to sell amiibo

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    1. I feel your pain. I remember when they released an accompanying app on Wii U to New Leaf where you can see your towns people in HD and it got me so hype for Animal Crossing on Wii U. Unfortunately all we got was Amiibo Festival which was a major letdown but I’m hoping we get a proper Animal Crossing title on the Switch which would be a better environment for Animal Crossing anyways.

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  2. Sounds like they are getting all there bases covered. I’m really hoping to see that game this year. Of course, it probably won’t be until October November.
    Now, if only they would start applying for Super Smash Bros. trademarks.

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