Nintendo Switch

Wild Guns Reloaded Coming To Nintendo Switch This Spring

The team over at Natsume have announced today on Twitter that Wild Guns Reloaded will be heading to the Nintendo Switch. The arcade shooter will be available on both the North American and European eShop this spring. The team promises to share more details about the title soon.

Thanks to L. Carlos Pando for the news tip!



  1. Awesome! I thought this looked cool when it originally came out. Great that we’re getting these remasters of classic SNES games on Switch where they belong, after the Wii and Wii U would be left out.


  2. I haven’t played the ps4 one in a while, but I hope by the Switch version they’ll fix the multiplayer. In the original everyone had their own set of lives, but in Reloaded it’s a shared life pool.


  3. I saw the Super NES version of Wild Guns at EntertainMart, and it was $200. And it even had a torn label. I was like….WTF! (0 _ o)

    It should be against the law to charge that much for any video game. Especially one with a torn label. Ebay sellers are just as guilty. They don’t even lower prices when a game has a damaged label.


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