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Old Man’s Journey Has Been “Reworked From The Ground Up For Nintendo Switch”

4cr recently did an interview with Broken Rules, the developer team behind Old Man’s Journey, an adventure game. Old Man’s Journey was released for mobile devices last year. Soon, it will be making its console debut on the Switch. According to Broken Rules, Old Man’s Journey has been “reworked from the group up for Nintendo Switch”. The devs also had some positive things to say about the Switch as a whole. Here’s what they said:

4cr: Are there any differences between this console version and its original iPad version of the game?

BR: We have reworked Old Man’s Journey from the ground up for Nintendo Switch. It is very important for us that you as a player get the best version of our game on each platform.

On Nintendo Switch you can play Old Man’s Journey on TV, Tabletop, and Handheld mode. To support all of these we’ve included motion pointer controls and stick controls for the Joy-Cons. But you can still play it with the touchscreen if you would like to. We have also implemented a brand new two-player mode so you can play with your friends and family. Quite excited that parents are now able to play together with their kids. We’ve always thought that Old Man’s Journey is a game for everyone and maybe the Switch version is the closest to this idea. The game will run in 1080p in docked and in 720p in undocked mode. And we experimented a lot with HD-Rumble and really fell in love with this new feature. So please look forward to that as well.




  1. Hey Sickr and other journalists on My Nintendo News. I see a lot that you report on companies interviewing other game companies, but when will you guys start doing that? That’d be cool then you’d be creating original content, and we’d see on other Nintendo sites that say “My Nintendo News interviewed so and so” you feel me? The future :)

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