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Capcom Stock Is Up + 4.79% After Monster Hunter World Launch And Highest Since 2001

Capcom will undoubtedly be celebrating today as the company’s stock has rocked 4.79% after a successful launch of Monster Hunter World. The game received great reviews and subsequently has sold extremely well. The company shifted 5 million copies and the game was the number one title in the United Kingdom this week. Capcom’s stock is now the highest since 2001, so good news.

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    1. to be frank I don’t know if Switch would support a game like this. Tey would have to low the graphics a lot. I saw my SO playing the game and it is veryvery fantastic and detailed, it is so much prettier than Horizon in my opinion. I’m no bashing the Nintendo Switch, but it has limits, you know. It’s a tablet.

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      1. I love this and why switch isn’t getting it. I mean I love the switch and all, but you guys do have to realize graphics and power matter to an extent. You don’t have to be the most powerful, but the switch should at least be pretty close to the competition so everything would easily run across the board.

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  1. I read they only shipped 5 million, not sold.

    Either way it’s a ton better than I expected. I was expecting the typical sales of home console MH. Where was all this hype before though? Is Sony’s marketing really that good?

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    1. Look around, past home console MH games werde pretty much not marketed at all here in the west, now MHW you see everywhere.
      This game is beging marketed WAY more agressively than past entries.

      Combine that with the fact that the MH series was gaining momentum very fast in the west over the last few entries anyway (people now know the series exists) and you get a success like this one.

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      1. I doubt it at least, the portable games are way too important for the japanese market and successful enough in the west to make a english version viable.

        MHXX is kind of a special case, since MHX isn’t exactly the most popular entry and they might feel like MHXX as just a enhanced version isn’t as interesting for the west.
        At least that is what I believe might be the case.


    2. In many cases, for a publisher shipped is the same as sold. The only way they aren’t equal is if they have to lower the price and start issuing refunds to retailers before those 5 millions copies sell.

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  2. What’s really sad about this “hype” game is that they heavily rely on 3 systems to sell World but XX on only 1 system outsold it’s ass from only one nation…weird and Crapcom still refuses to support the Switch when it’s the real big money maker at the moment.

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  3. I know Capcom are a developer on Nintendo platforms so indirectly it could be good news but since this game is so far not releasing on the switch I question why this is on a Nintendo news site. There have been a few news stories on here recently that have little to no connection to Nintendo and I think it is wrong and am getting sick of it.

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    1. You and me both! It’s like sicr is just trying to twist some sort of knife in the ribs of the Nintendo audience. Posting this article to just say Capcom doesn’t need Nintendo and is more profitable with out them.

      If it wasn’t for Nintendo and all the work Nintendo put forward advertising MH for the Wii/3DS over the last I don’t know six or seven years no one would really care for this franchise.

      On topic: I fail to see the relevance this has with Nintendo. Sicr seems to have this weird sick fetish with pissing off it’s audience. I can only imagine this is only hurting his bottom line for his own site.

      Sicr… If your looking to regurgitate any and all Sony news close this site and start your own Sony fanboy page. Your readers can read between the lines and see what your doing.


    1. As much as I love Super Mario 64, I’ve played plenty of games that I feel surpassed it long before MHW released. Like Paper Mario, Wind Waker, Kingdom Hearts 2, NieR: Automata, Resident Evil 4, Eternal Darkness, Baten Kaitos, Xenoblade Chronicles, Super Mario Sunshine. I could go on but I can’t think of any others off the top of my head right now.

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      1. Yea, Mario 64 will not be a classic that set the bar for how 3D games should play but I feel like people tend to downplay the fact that newer games have improved on what Mario 64 did back then just because newer games aren’t as innovative.

        Same applies to Ocarina of Time. I only became a Zelda fan after playing Twilight Princess around 2013 or so and I probably was impressed with alot of the stuff that Twilight Princess did that many first experienced with Ocarina back in the day. So when I finally played Ocarina, it just felt like a far less refined Twilight Princess and I was kind of bored by it. Yet, when I see fan opinions its generally said that TP didn’t improve over OOT enough and thus OOT is still the better game in their mind. I’ve even seen a lot of people try to protect their opinion of OOT by claiming things that are quantifiably false about it. Like when people call TP’s Hyrule field boring and empty while praising OOT’s Hyrule field as being full of stuff to do. Fact is that OOT’s Hyrule field is a literal bucket (somewhat large area surrounded by walls) with only a few things to do while TPs field had a whole bunch of hidden caves and things to find and was easily 6 times larger.

        Anyway, I’m rambling now. My point is that people seem to protect the reputation of games because of historical significance or innovation and they’ll judge every subsequent game by the criterion of “Is it as innovative?” and that sets a bar that nothing else can reach. No other games with be the first 3D games of their kind.

        In that same respect, I dont think Sony gets enough credit for implementing dual analog sticks. Nintendo was smart enough to realize that that an analog version of the joysticks that were so inaccurate for 2D movement were ideal for 3D movement and they also realized that camera control was necessary for 3D games, but Sony were the ones that realized that the analog stick were also ideal for camera movement. As a result, nearly every game that used an analog stick for its camera movements had better camera controls than games of the N64/PS1 era and that includes Mario 64.

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      2. Of course Sony won’t get the respect they deserve for that since they aren’t Nintendo that did it first. Just like some will ignore Sony’s Eye Toy for PlayStation 2 did motion controls for home consoles before Nintendo did it with Wii.

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      3. I’m one of the people that use TP’s barren fields as a reason for why I don’t like it as much as Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, & Wind Waker that came before it. Of course, it’s not my only reason. I’m also not fond of the bland colors as I prefer my Zelda to be more colorful, the horse battles aren’t as great as I hoped they would have been, there were only 2 or 3 main story horse battles, prefer Navi over Midna (still like Midna, though, but not as much as Navi), didn’t like Zant getting turned into another Ganon lackey, Ganondorf felt tacked on at the last minute (I believe he was originally not gonna be in the game and he truly was thrown into the game’s development at the last minute), & the final battle with Ganondorf was not as great as it was in Wind Waker as it felt underwhelming compared to that one. In any case, it’s still gonna be awhile yet before a Zelda game is able to surpass Wind Waker (another game with flaws of it’s own even with the HD re-release but the battle mechanics & one of the more darker Zelda stories, tho.) @.@


      4. For me, it’s the size. Least Ocarina’s world wasn’t as big as Twilight’s and it had the stalchildren during the child time period that appeared no matter where you were and the poes for the adult timeline (least til you collected them all & traded them to the Poe guy.) Ocarina’s smaller size made the barren Hyrule Field much more bearable. Lake Hylia was pretty good with the enemies in the adult time period… til you cleared the Water Temple.

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      5. I can understand that. Though, the Poe and star child stuff doesn’t feel like enough. The Poe souls thing was in TP, too, but they also had a lot of hidden things little challenges and caves hidden around the fields. For example, up north there’s a little platforming challenge with the spin that results in another heart container, there’s a hidden cave in the south near Faron Woods, and there’s a few hook shot challenges puzzles . Then there’s also hidden things on cliff sides and little caves you can get to by digging with wolf link.

        It genuinely felt like precursor to exploration of BotW to me.


  4. For me it’s over, I will miss the golden PSP and 3DS days. MHW just doesn’t play or feel the same as previous entries and the lack of local play is a full deal killer for me.


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