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SEGA Says A New Sonic Racing Game Isn’t In Development

We found out earlier today that it appears as though Sumo Digital are working on a new karting title. We all assumed it would be another entry in the SEGA and Sonic All-Stars Racing franchise. However, SEGA has sadly confirmed today that that’s not the case.



      1. I also have been wanting a new Diddy Kong Racing game, so I may cry of joy for seeing a comeback of one of my childhood games.


    1. If Nintendo is having Sumo work on a new DKR, that’d be a little sad for Playtonic if they’re working on a DKR spiritual successor to try and be better received than their last game only for it to be overshadowed by the real thing.


  1. Now what urged them to say something like that? Were they, I don’t know, paying attention to what fans are saying on the internet? Or do they KNOW we want a decent Sonic game after Sonic Forces.


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