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Rumor: Potential Gen 8 Starter Pokémon Images Appear On Twitter

Update: These have since been confirmed as fake

Some new speculation has started on Twitter after some images showing potential Pokémon designs, rumored to be Gen 8 starter Pokémon, have come to the surface.

The images, including a grass/electric type bear, a fire/steel type pony and a pure water type, were posted by Twitter user @SkinnySnubbull earlier today. It’s worth noting that there is no official source tied to where these have come from, and apparently the original thread and images mysteriously got deleted, which are also unsearchable via a reverse lookup.

Here’s the Tweet, along with the images in a seperate gallery below:


As with all rumors, this should be taken with a pinch of salt and is by no means a confirmation of what the Gen 8 starter Pokémon will look like.

36 thoughts on “Rumor: Potential Gen 8 Starter Pokémon Images Appear On Twitter”

    1. The word “confidential” on anything also always screams “fake”. I don’t know why anyone would think that it was authentic to put “confidential” on all of their fake leaks. Noone in game development just plasters “confidential” over all of their shit.

      1. Good point, I hadn’t noticed. That’s certainly weird. I don’t know why you would ever put “confidential” on a document that is only meant for internal use, anyways. We’ve never done that and I’ve never seen it on any other true leak so far. (I think I might have seen it in documentations for Devkits, but those are meant for external use and not internal use). Maybe that gen 7 leak was also some document for an external use. I mean, if I remember correctly, weren’t the starters actually leaked from some Chinese source or something like that?

    1. They could have the images hung, because they are further along in the game, and might just like how they look. I mean why hang any image up as a decoration. The purest reason is because you like what the image looks like. Sure they are probably 90% done with the game at this point or so.

      And if they really like how the pokemon looks, and they don’t have the time nor the energy to draw more “fan” art of the Pokemon, then why not just hang some of the early images you drew of the mons? Makes sense to me, but then again this all boils down to when the pictures where taken (if legit at all).

      1. Exactly, just very similar to the gen 7 leaks . A lot believed that they were fake . Let’s wait until game Freak officially announces it . The fore types follow the zodiac.

    2. Any game studio I’ve been in has had in development concept art hung all over the place. Typically you’re not entering unless you’re signing an NDA though.

      1. The last thing I remember being leaked for sun/moon is the final evolutions for the started being leaked and it actually being correct

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