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The .96 Gal Deco Is Coming To Splatoon 2 This Evening

Nintendo is continuing to produce new weapons for Splatoon 2 fans to test out and the latest is the .96 Gal Deco. It has a sub weapon of Splash Wall and its special ability is Splashdown. The devastating weapon will be available this evening in North America and tomorrow morning in Europe.

4 thoughts on “The .96 Gal Deco Is Coming To Splatoon 2 This Evening”

    1. I always find it interesting what weapons different people get annoyed by. I’ve never had an issue with this gun, but I’m sure there are weapons that piss me off that you don’t mind. What bothers you about it?

      1. Well since it kills so quickly, I’m often quick killed by players with squid speed up. I tend to play turf war and focus on spreading ink, so this and the .52 really bug me.

        1. Gotcha. I don’t play turf war much, but the .96 already can’t spread much ink. Take the sprinkler away and the deco version is going to struggle with turf war. But if you’re running around with the Aerospray or something similar, I’m sure it’ll drive you nuts with splashdown now too.

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