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New Extended Trailer Unveiled For The Nintendo Switch Version Of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim launched more than two months ago on Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo is still promoting Bethesda’s open-world title today. One of the newest promos consists of an extended video that highlights the game’s exploration elements, allowing players to shape their own paths however they like. For example, some may prefer to avoid head-on combat and choose to overcome their opponents using stealth techniques. You can check out the latest trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim below.


  1. It’s remarkably identical to PS4 with very few graphical differences. But I would hold this off because the other versions are $20 and Steam has some interesting mods I wanna go for like Krystal.

    1. The Elder Scrolls Ultra V Extended – Directors Cut XL Special Limited 2.5: Electric Boogaloo: Todd’s Revenge And Ugandan Knuckles 3D HD Remix Remastered Game of the Year Infinity Edition

      Would that even fit on the box?

  2. Having never played it before I got it just after Christmas and I have had a great time playing it. Fantastic game and great to play in handheld.

  3. no remarkable is people thinking this dinosure game wouldnt run on a switch switch = near ps4 performance all said and done at 15 watts peole can you kindly get used to it

    AND SWITCH IS WHAT A CONSOLE IS NOW its not 1995 anymore MOVE ON

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