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Owlboy Coming To Retail On Nintendo Switch On May 29th

SOEDESCO has announced today that its bringing the entertaining Owlboy to retail on the Nintendo Switch. You’ll be able to pick up the colourful platformer at your favourite retailer on May 29th. The company is also bringing out a retail version of Owlboy for the PlayStation 4 which will be available at retailers on the very same date. You can watch the trailer below.

3 thoughts on “Owlboy Coming To Retail On Nintendo Switch On May 29th”

  1. What a beautiful game, I’m interested, I’ll check it out on eshop.
    But cool it is getting a retail release as well.
    Its looks also reminds me of some games on GBA or a fantasy game from arcade that i don’t remember the name, it brings me a lot of happy memories.

  2. OMG YES! Indie devs are actually listening to fans?! This is how games used to be released, complete and physical.
    I avoided buying many indie games, except Hyper Light Drifter because that actually got a physical release on Amazon.
    Icey, Owlboy, Brawlout, SteamWorld Dig 2 ect, I’ll be buying every single one of them day one when they release in retail.
    Just when I thought I would have to stop taking part in my favorite entertainment due to these western triple A companies forcing “always online, multiplayer focused, games as a service” crap down my throat here comes Indie games to the rescue, thank god.
    Now all we need is for Hollow Knight, Dark Devotion, Children of Morta, Chasm, Eitr, Moon Lighter, Doko Roko, Crossing Souls ect release on the Switch, possibly with physical retail versions, I’ll be set:D

  3. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    I don’t really play indie games but this one looks nice and has some nice music to it. (It definitely deserved a much better icon on the Switch menu than a giant pixel face of the main character.) Is the new icon the same as what’s on that case? Because the box art looks nice.

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