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Japan: Check Out The New Fire Emblem Warriors Shadow Dragon DLC Trailers

The Shadow Dragon DLC, the second DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors that has come out since the base game was released last year, is now available. To celebrate, three new Japanese trailers were released on YouTube earlier today. Each one showcases a different character, all of which come with the new DLC. We’ve included all 3 videos for you down below, so feel free to check them out.

Source 1 / Source 2 / Source 3

4 thoughts on “Japan: Check Out The New Fire Emblem Warriors Shadow Dragon DLC Trailers”

  1. I took Azura out for a spin when DLC 1 released, went against 10 level gargamel (or what ever the evil dude from Awakening was) and he killed her with 2 strikes…
    Was expensive to get her back on her feet.
    Not really in a rush to play with anyone from this DLC.
    But next back will finally be Tharja.

  2. This game is so disappointing. I played if for one weekend with my gf when it came out, haven’t played it since. As far as 2 player is concerned… It’s broken! Completely unplayable with 2 people. It’s actually a bit offensive they even added that option.

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