Nintendo Switch

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Is $50 And DLC Is $20 And Has Full English Dub And Dual Audio

More details have merged regarding the forthcoming BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle on the Nintendo Switch. The fighting title will cost you $49.99 and if you want the complete downloadable content then it will cost you an additional $20. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will also have full English dubbing and dual audio option available. Here’s the details:

  • Retail price for physical and digital: $49.99
  • Individual DLC packs (there are six): $4.99
  • Complete DLC bundle: $19.99
  • Deluxe Digital Edition (the game with all the DLC): $69.99
  • The first DLC pack, which includes Platinum, Orie, and Kanji, is free for everyone at launch.
  • Per earlier confirmation, Blake Belladona and Yang Xiao Long will be free to download.




  1. Nice, 5 free dlc characters and the game is a fair price. Maybe they heard some of the complaints about too much dlc and decided to throw some out for free to appease prospective buyers.


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