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Rumour: The Next Sumo Karting Title Will Mainly Focus On Sonic And Friends

We’ve heard rumours for quite some time that a new karting game is coming by the respected team over at Sumo Digital. The team previously produced the great Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing games. It would appear as though the team is hard at work at a new entry in the franchise but this time around it will mainly focus on Sonic and his friends rather than other SEGA characters like the previous games have. The news came from the Sonic Stadium forums and the moderators have confirmed that it’s the same user that leaked the Sonic Forces character editor.


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17 thoughts on “Rumour: The Next Sumo Karting Title Will Mainly Focus On Sonic And Friends”

  1. This makes no sense. The other characters and levels they bring with them is what makes this game better than Mario Kart. It’s the opposite of what they should do. They have so many IPs and universes to draw from, some that haven’t even been used yet, like Vectorman, Gunstar or Shining Force, to name a few. Only Sonic characters, means only Sonic levels, and that’s just boring. That kind of formula is making Mario Kart feel stale.

    Mario Kart plays “tighter”, as Sonic always felt “looser,” but it rewards you for being good at the tracks, where Mario Kart punishes you with rubber band AI and cheap tricks to cost you first place at the finish line. Also, Mario Kart should really take a lesson from Mario Kart 8, and start dropping Mario characters, and start adding other Nintendo characters.

    The mushroom kingdom tracks are getting boring. Tracks like F-Zero, Excite Bike and Hyrule Castle were some of the best in that game. Heck, even the Donkey Kong Country track felt refreshing on 3DS. Get some tracks from Dreamland or Skyworld. There is nothing wrong with taking a scoop of Smash Bros and adding it to the Mario Kart formula. Why have 5 versions of Mario and 4 versions of Peach, when you could have Pit, Kirby or Samus get in on the action, bringing tracks from Brinstar and having hazards based on Metroid lore.

    1. You are so wrong in many aspects. To wit:

      1- This game isn’t “better” than Mario Kart. The two of them have different purposes. Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing focuses on high speed, while Mario Kart focuses on fooling around and screwing with friends. It’s like saying pizza is better than ice cream.

      2- Hell no. If anything, Mario Kart should DROP ENTIRELY another Nintendo characters. The game is named MARIO Kart, neither “Nintendo Kart” nor “Mario & Nintendo All Stars Kart”. MK8 started to get silly with other characters added.

    2. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

      Or… Or they could make a Super Smash Kart game series and leave Mario Kart alone? Then again, this is Nintendo and they seem to hate the idea of doing two game series with roughly the same gameplay styles. *cough*PaperMarioRPGsruinedtopushMario&LuigiRPGs*cough*

      1. I have to agree with him. This is almost identical to the Mario kart series where all sonic characters are playable in the series in this racing game. You know, the company has a bunch more if IPs they could at least stick with the SEGA characters instead.

    3. Sonic is nowhere close to being better than Mario in any class of games especially after his comics got gutted into another dumb reboot and his games are absolute trash since Adventure 2 except for the superior portables on Nintendo until after 2007. Besides, how is Sonic racing any better than Mario when it’s just a copycat living in Mario’s shadow and constantly changing up shit too often screwing up consistency and function? I get MK8D has more clones than Melee/Brawl/4 combined but Jesus Christ, it doesn’t make Sonic any better. Shadow, Metal, even the new OC gimmick from Forces all behave like Sonic so he ain’t safe from clones either.

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